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Christmas Dinner with Dala ☃ Amanda Walther and Sheila…

Two days ago I have discovered the following concert on the CBC concert on demand site. This is a niceconcert to lead you to the coming christmas holidays:

Christmas Dinner with Dala

Darlings of the Canadian music scene, these JUNO nominees have released five albums and toured extensively across North America for the better part of a decade. They performed Christmas music plus some of their favourite original songs-in their trademark perfect harmony–at the NAC Studio in Ottawa. The audience really felt like they were hanging out in Dala’s dining room, laughing constantly at their between-song banter.

(This concert is no longer available)

One of the pieces I have discovered in this concert is the old Canadian christmas tune Huron Carol (see my next post in this blog).

The name Dala has been constructed form the names of the two members of Dala – Da: Amanda Walther and La: Sheila Carabine.

On the Dala homepage you can read the following:

Juno nominees and winners of the 2010 Canadian Folk Music Award for Vocal Group of the Year, Amanda Walther and Sheila Carabine of Dala write and sing in harmony best described as angelic.  These two best friends met in their high school music class in 2002; they have since released five albums and toured extensively across North America. Darlings of the Canadian music scene, Dala are now poised to bring their fresh brand of acoustic pop music to the world.

This is an interview with Sheila Carabine and Amanda Walther about their great harmony singing, hocke, the left handed ukulele and more. Especially you can experience the their great sens of humor, their loughing and smiling:

DALA on harmony and hockey

The Canadian duo DALA–Sheila Carabine and Amanda Walther–got two standing ovations at the Sanctuary series in Chatham, NJ. Their songs have wit and depth, they harmonize like sisters and, being from Canada, they’re just so…nice. In this interview after the show, they reflect on harmony– musical and otherwise–and talk about Sheila’s strange ukulele and the Stanley Cup finals. Video by Kevin Coughlin for MorristownGreen.com, May 21, 2011.

Moon River

Dala July, 9, 2011

Amanda Walther and Sheila Carabine play guitars, ukulele, piano and also glockenspiel in some songs.

Additional Information

Homepage Dala: http://dalagirls.com/

rootsmusic.ca Woodshed Sessions with Dala and many other interesting groups from Canada: http://www.rootsmusic.ca/woodshed/


Okavango: An African Orchestra – Great CBC Concert in…

Today I am listening to some great African music. The CBC has added a concert by the group Okavango to its list of free concerts on demand.

For Okavango seven musician from different part of Africa have joined together – musicians who normally would not play together. Okavango has created a great mixture of African music.

The musicians are playing severel African instruments: the kora, the balofon, an arabian lute (oud), the guembri – an instrument with 3 strings from Nothern Africa and Marocco, the drum sabar form Senegal, the lyre krar from Ethiopa, but also electric guitars and several other instruments.

I have not found any videos showing Okavango, but I have found some videos with members of Okavango.

First I have two videos with Nuru Kane and his guembri. In the first video he tells about the guembri (French), the second is a video from a concert with Nuru Kane:

Nuru Kane et sa guembri.

Nuru Kane world music.

Reportage web télévisé de la web tv http://www.tvidf.fr – Réalisation journaliste Eric Minsky-Kravetz.
Extraits du concert du chanteur musicien sénégalais Nuru Kane au “Centre Musical Fleury Goutte d’Or – Barbara” à Paris dans le cadre de l’événement “Téma Barbès l’Africaine”.
Extrait du reportage web télévisé exclusif du 22 mai 2010 à Paris de la web tv francilienne tvidf.

Les musiciens qui accompagnaient Nuru Kane à ce concert : Jouad el Garouge (percussions, guembri et chant) et Thierry Fournel (guitare, oud, n’goni).

La totalité de ce reportage est diffusée sur les web tv d’Ile-de-France http://www.tvidf.fr ou d’Eure-et-Loir http://www.tv28.fr

The next video shows Daniel Nebiat and the krar, a kind of lyre from Ethiopa and Eritrea.

Information about the krar from wikipedia:

The krar is a five- or six-stringed bowl-shaped lyre from Eritrea and Ethiopia. The instrument is tuned to a pentatonic scale. A modern krar may be amplified, much in the same way as an electric guitar or violin.

The krar, a chordophone, is usually decorated with wood, cloth, and beads. Its five or six strings determine the available pitches. The instrument’s tone depends on the musician’s playing technique: bowing, strumming or plucking. If plucked, the instrument will produce a soft tone. Strumming, on the other hand, will yield a harmonious pulsation. The krar is often played by musician-singers called azmari and accompanies love songs and secular songs, which makes it an enjoyable accompaniment to a cozy meal.

Daniel Nebiat

Okavango: An African Orchestra

On the page with the concert by  Okavango on the CBC concert on demand site you can read the following:

This is an ambitious new musical project that could happen only in one of the world’s great multicultural cities: Toronto. To create this pan-African orchestra, Batuki Music Society Artistic Director Nadine McNulty has assembled a cast of seven accomplished African-born musicians who now live in Toronto and Montreal.


Historically, these musical cultures have had little or no interaction. For instance, musicians in West Africa who usually play the kora, balafon or drums would not use an instrument from East Africa like the krar to create music or vice versa. Or a Malian kora would sound alien to a farmer in the Ethiopian highlands who is used to the one string fiddle called masenko. And the list goes on, all over the vast continent of Africa.


  • Okavango
  • Daniel Nebiat – vocals, krar
  • Pasipamire Gunguwo – vocals, marimba, mbira
  • Donne Roberts – vocals, guitar
  • Nuudi Kooshin – vocals, kaban
  • Waleed Abdulhamid – vocals, guembri, bass
  • Sadio Sissokho – vocals, kora, tama, talking drum, sabar
  • Walter Maclean – vocals, percussion
  • Nadine McNulty – Artistic Director

(concert no more available)

Additional Information

Wikipedia about Sintir / Guembri: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sintir

Wikipedia about the krar (English): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krar

Wikipedia about the krar (German): http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krar

Playlist with videos by Nuru Kane and Daniel Nebiat: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=D5462DBD8AAE8A68

aa mandolin guitar

Fretwork – New Music on old Instruments – ‘The…

The fretwork ensemble is a viol consort from England which exists since 1986 and which plays music from 500 years. This ensemble does not limit itself to old music originally composed for viols centuries ago, but it also plays new compositions composed especially for this group.

A great example of this kind of new music for old instruments is the work The World Encompassed by Orlando Gough.

This composition is based on the voyage of Sir rancis Drake around the world. Drake had several musicians – viol players – in his crew who played for him aas well as for the foreign people. You can fid detailed information about the voyage of Sir Francis Drake in the wikipedia.

This composition by Orlando Gough merges new compositions with reflections of the native music of the visited foreign places as they might have been played by the viol players after they returned back from the long journey.

This music is fascinating, and I have listened to the music for several times now. The complet concert with The World Encompassed by Orlando Gough is available at the CBC concert on demand site:

CBC concert  – fretwork – The World Encompassed – Orlando Gough


Fretwork has a repertoire that spans over 500 years. They specialize in early music and have distinguished themselves in their interpretations of Bach.

Fretwork has also actively commissioned contemporary composers ranging from Gavin Bryars to Elvis Costello to write new works for them. ‘The World Encompassed’ by Orlando Gough, is the most recent of these commissions. This hour-long piece describes, in musical terms, Sir Francis Drake’s circumnavigation of the globe in 1577-80. Drake took four viol players with him on his epic journey, and Gough’s piece uses original 16th century music to help tell this engaging musical story.

More about the program can be found on the homepage of the fretork ensemble:


The few hymns popularly sung at the time, published in 1562 & 3 by Sternhold & Hopkins, severe and austere, will be contrasted with the exotic and ‘strange’ music of these countries. The structure of the work is as follows, with the original 16th century music:

  • Leaving Plymouth
    • Robert Parsons: The Song Called Trumpets
    • Preserve us O Lord
  • Mogador
    • John Taverner: In Nomine
  • Maio Santiago Fogo
  • Port Desire
    • Parsons: In Nomine
  • Terra Incognita
    • The Humble Suit of a Sinner
  • The Spanish Main
    • Parsons: De La Court
  • Albion
  • 180 Degrees: Homesickness
    • Pavin of Albarti
  • Ternate
    • Picforth: In Nomine
  • Java
    • Da Pacem Domine
  • Reaching Plymouth
    • Parsons: The Song called Trumpets


Richard Boothby discusses Fretwork’s forthcoming concerts at Kings Place

Richard Boothby discusses a forthcoming concert with a performance of  The World Encompassed by Orlando Gough with some additional information about the ensemble and its music

ELVIS COSTELLO (b. 1954) – Put away forbidden playthings (1995)

another contemporary piece composed for the fretwork ensemble

More Information

Homepage fretwork – with information about works and composers, programs and a player with some audio examples: http://www.fretwork.co.uk/

For over 20 years, all around the globe, Fretwork has brought music for viols to life through live concerts, recordings and broadcasts. Their repertory includes anything and everything that can be played on viols, from the first printed music in Venice in 1501 to music composed for them today.

Wikipedia (engl.) about Fretwork: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fretwork_%28music_group%29

fretwork about the composer Orlando Gough with a lot of information about the composition The World Encompassed: http://www.fretwork.co.uk/what/contemporary#page=Orlando-Gough

Program of a concert with the fretwork ensemble (to download as PDF follow  “weitere Informationen”): http://www.ndr.de/orchester_chor/das_alte_werk/fretwork102.html

Wikipedia über Sir Francis Drake: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_Drake

Wikipedia über die Weltumseegelung von Francis Drake: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_Drake#Circumnavigation_of_the_earth

aa mandolin guitar

Canadian Indie Rock Band Land of Talk – Segal…

I am just listening to the latest Canada Live podcast featuring Land of Talk – a Canadian indie rock band:

Indie-rock band Land of Talk is joined by special guests from The Besnard Lakes for this hot concert recorded at the Segal Centre in Montreal.

From Wikipedia: Land of Talk is a Canadian indie rock band formed in 2006 from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The band consists of singer and guitarist Elizabeth Powell, bassist Joseph Yarmush and drummer Andrew Barr.

You can download the Canada Live podcast from: http://www.cbc.ca/radio2/podcasts/canadalive.html

I just found another podcast from CBC Radio 3 Sessions with Land of Talk: http://radio3.cbc.ca/#/podcasts/CBC-Radio-3-Sessions/Land-of-Talk-LIVE-in-Concert

Land of Talk plays great rock music – I like their sound very much!

Land of Talk are releasing their second full-length album, Cloak & Cipher on August 24th.

Here are some videos with Land of Talk:

Land Of Talk – It’s Okay

The next video has much energy and a great sound:

Land Of Talk – Sea Foam – live at Fearless Music

Land Of Talk performing Sea Foam live at Fearless Music, NYC. www.fearlessmusic.com – recorded in 2008

The last video was made very recently in Quebec, the sound of this live videos is not so good, but it may give an impression about how the Band performs today:

Land of Talk It’s Okay – FEQ 2010

Land of Talk au Festival d’Été de Québec 2010.

Links about Land of Talk

Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/landoftalk

Homepage: http://www.landoftalk.com/

Wikipedia about Land of Talk: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_of_Talk

another interesting Blog post about Land of Talk: http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2010/07/land_of_talk_an.html