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Songbook Choro – A GINGA DO MANÉ (JACOB DO…

The choro A Ginga do mané is the first choro contained in the songbook choro. On my homepage some time ago I have started a project to present all the 97 choros from the songbook choro with youtube videos and more interesting information. Now again I have started to work on this project, and I have changed my system – I will present 5 or 6 choros on one page with one video for each choro added by links to other videos and more information. In some cases I do also use this blog to prepare an extra page with more videos of a special choro  – in this case the choro A Ginga do mané.

This choro by Jacob do Bandolim is obviously not composed for the bandolim – the melody goes down in some cases below the G, the lowest note on a bandolim. It was obviously played initially on a Violão Tenor like in this first video:

Choro “A Ginga Do Mané” (Jacob do Bandolim) – Som Brasileiro

Chorinho “A GINGA DO MANÉ” de Jacob Bittencourt do Bandolim, aqui interpretado pelo Regional de Choro Conjunto Som Brasileiro, no ano de 1990, em entrevista de televisão, fomado pelos músicos:
* Professor Sergio Napoleão Belluco (Violão 7 Cordas);
* Alessandro dos Santos Penezzi, aos 16 anos (Violão Tenor);
* Taufik Cury (Violão 6 Cordas);
* Derio Lovadino (Cavaquinho);
* Raul Leite (Pandeiro).

(Arquivo Raíssa Amaral & Sergio N. Belluco – Piracicaba / SP – Brasil)


The  Violão Tenor is a smaller guitar with four strings, it can be a resonator modell like the one just seen which was produced by the Del Vecchio company in Brazil, but it can also be a normal model built like aclassical guitar as you can see in the next video:

Ginga do Mané (Jacob do Bandolim)

Choro a Ginga do Mané de Jacob Bittencourt do Bandolim.

* Pedro Amorim – Violão Tenor;
* Maurício Carrilho – Violão de 6 Cordas;
* Luiz Otávio Braga – Violão de 7 Cordas;
* Jayme Moraes – Cavaquinho.

Tributo a Jacob do Bandolim
(Arquivo Raíssa Amaral & Professor Sergio Napoleão Belluco – Piracicaba / SP – Brasil)


It might be that the  Violão Tenor was constructed after the 4 stringed tenor banjo, so here is a video where the melody of this choro is played on a banjo:

Choro das Três – Chorinho Brasil – Brazilian Music

Choro A ginga do Mané, executado pelo Choro das 3 durante o programa de rádio Chorinho Brasil com apresentação do radialista João Tomas do Amaral e participação especial do Sr. Gallani no cavaco.

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Mario de Pietro (Mandolin / Banjo) – Historic Movies…

Mario de Pietro was a mandolin and banjo player who was very popular in the 1930 in the UK. Several movies have been preserved in the archives of British Pathe. The videos are also available on youtube.


Schön Rosmarin (Kreidler) /Lollipops (8.9.1930)


Additional information

The mandolin method by Mario de PietroThe First Step how to play the Mandoline – is available on my website:

aa mandolin guitar

Steep Canyon Rangers – Knob Creek

Today I found a tweet about the following video of of the Steep Canyon Rangers.

Steep Canyon Rangers – Knob Creek

One of SCR’s signature songs. Written by mandolinist Mike Guggino it’s a tour de force for the entire band. A hauntingly beautiful melody which flows through many tempo and mood changes SCR really shines. Mike Guggino’s masterful mandolin solos, stellar fiddle work from Nicky Sanders; a beautiful banjo break from Graham Sharp, and an exquisite bass solo by Charles Humphrey III will leave you in awe. Good job boys!

Steep Canyon Rangers: Nowhere To Lay Low

Shot backstage in a Ryman Auditorium dressing room, here’s the Steep Canyon Rangers warming up with a full take of their new song “Nowhere To Lay Low” just minutes before performing at the Mother Church of Country Music.

Information aboput the Steep Canyon Rangers from their myspace page:

From Asheville, North Carolina, Steep Canyon Rangers have built a reputation as an engaging acoustic quintet seasoned by constant touring. Before being nominated for 2 International Bluegrass Music awards in 2008 (including Album of the Year, “Lovin’ Pretty Women), the Rangers were named ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’ in 2006 at the IBMA awards ceremony in Nashville, TN. The group has been regularly featured on the Grand Ole Opry, as well as major U.S. Bluegrass and Americana music festivals such as MerleFest, Telluride, Grey Fox, DelFest and RockyGrass.


Website Steep Canyon Rangers: http://www.steepcanyon.com/

Steep Canyon Rangers on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thesteepcanyonrangers

The Steep Canyon Rangers in Germany (Bluegrass Jamboree, Ger.): http://www.bluegrassjamboree.de/page/the-steep-canyon-rangers



Art Rosenbaum – Painter – Banjoplayer – Singer –…

Art Rosenbaum is an US American painter and musician. I have met Art Rosenbaum in Freiburg when he spent a year teaching at the univerisity during the 80s. He used to bring his banjo to the lectures and play some examples of the true American folk music that he has recorded all over the country.

I have found 2 flyers from that time when he also held some speeches about Living Folklore in Modern America:

Art Rosenbaum Freiburg 1984

Here are some videos with Art Rosenbaum as singer and banjo player:

18 Art Rosenbaum

19 Art Rosenbaum

2009 Flagpole Music Awards: Art Rosenbaum

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