Art Rosenbaum – Painter – Banjoplayer – Singer – 50 Years of Field Recording – Dust to Digital

Art Rosenbaum is an US American painter and musician. I have met Art Rosenbaum in Freiburg when he spent a year teaching at the univerisity during the 80s. He used to bring his banjo to the lectures and play some examples of the true American folk music that he has recorded all over the country.

I have found 2 flyers from that time when he also held some speeches about Living Folklore in Modern America:

Art Rosenbaum Freiburg 1984

Here are some videos with Art Rosenbaum as singer and banjo player:

18 Art Rosenbaum

19 Art Rosenbaum

2009 Flagpole Music Awards: Art Rosenbaum

Art Rosenbaum has produced two CD box-sets with fieldrecordings he made – The Art of Fieldrecording.

Two videos give an introduction and some examples from those CD-boxes, my playlist of Art Rosenbaum begins with those two videos:

Playlist – Selected videos with and about Art Rosenbaum:

In his paintings Art Rosenbaum often shows the musicians and instruments that he saw when he was doing his field recordings – I like his paintings very much, you can find some examples on his homepage.

Some years ago he had a big exhibition of his works in Georgia. The catalog and book about the exhibition contained a DVD with a biographical video – a short part of this can be seen in the following video:

“It’s Not What You Think It Is”

Clip from the DVD that accompanies “Weaving His Art on Golden Looms: Paintings and Drawings by Art Rosenbaum” at the Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia from October 21, 2006 to January 7, 2007

Additional information

Art Rosenbaum website:


Banjo Newsletrter 1997 – Interview with Art Rosenbaum

Interview with Art Rosenbaum by Kristen Peyton

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