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Covered Grass – Toogaroo – Great Bluegrass CD “Made…

Germany’s most successful bluegrass band Covered Grass has just release the new CD Toogaroo. Last year Covered Grass could present their program at the IBMA in Nashville. After the IBMA event Covered Grass went on to Los Angeles where they played their song “Goodbye Johnboy” during the special event “40 Years The Waltons”. The journey to Nashville and Los Angeles was filmed and is also available as a DVD.

Covered Grass have previously released several CDs, but Toogaroo is the first CD that does only contain songs composed by singer Corinna Aurin and banjo player Volker Fisher.

This is the official video of the titel song Toogaroo – Volker Fisher has made a great animation video:


Now available on iTunes, Amazon and many others: The new CD by German bluegrass band Covered Grass, called “Toogaroo”. It contains 13 original songs written by singer Corina Aurin and banjoist Volker Fisher. More information on www.covered-grass.de

Covered Grass – Good Night John-Boy – The Waltons

Bluegrass tribute to the famous tv-series from the early 70s – written and performed by Covered Grass. “The Waltons” ran weekly on German television and the goodnight ritual at the end of each episode was the inspiration to this song.

Last weekend Covered Grass has played a show at a fest in Waldkraiburg, five videos from this show are available at youtube, here as an example the great song abaut a Rainy Sunday:

Covered Grass ~ Rainy Sunday

Covered Grass beim Stadtfest in Waldkraiburg, 15. Juni 2013

Playlist Covered Grass – Toogaroo

Additional Information

Bluegrass Today about Toogaroo: http://bluegrasstoday.com/toogaroo-from-covered-grass/

Covered Grass – Hillbilly Boogie – Rainer Zellner – Toogaroo; Interview with the bad (German) including 3 songs:


mandolin orchestra

Videos of the Joachim Trekel Publishing Company at youtube…

The Trekel publishing company has established its own youtube channel about one year ago. In this channel you can find many videos of works for mandolin orchestra, mandolin ensembles, solo mandolin, guitar ensembles and solo guitar which have been published by Trekel.

If you are looking for interesting works that you can play with your mandolin orchestra you should check the Trekel youtube channel regularly. You can find compositions by the important and well known composers for mandolin orchestra like Hermann Ambrosius, Kurt Schwaen, Konrad Wölki and Heinrich Konietzny, Max Baumann, Dieter Kreidler, Fred Witt, Ralph Paulsen Bahnsen, Claudio Mandonico, Torsten Ratzkowski and many other composers.

The latest video is a recording of  a piece by Manuela Frescura with own compositions and arrangements of other Tarantellas. Manuela Frescura is one of the important mandolin players in Switzerland, this is a live performance by the trio tarallucce with mandolin, guitar, tambourine, castagnets and voice:

Manuela Frescura, Le Tarantelle: Laurettina

Italienische Tarantellen – Musik für Mandoline, Blockflöte, Violine, Gitarre, Perkussion, Kastagnetten, Tambourin oder andere beliebige Instrumente – Live-Mittschnitt von “Taralucce”.

Ralph Paulsen Bahnsen, Jugoslavija

Jugoslavija is a great piece for mandolin orchestra based on folk melodies from Jugoslavija

Claudio Mandonico, Music for Play

Music for Play is a very successful suite for mandolin orchestra, it’s fun to play this and also a great piece for concerts.

Heinrich Konietzny, Ständchen

Heinrich Konietzny is the composer of some great avantguarde works for mandolin orchestra and mandolin, but he has also composed this beautiful Ständchen (serenade):

Playlist Trekel Publishing Company:

Trekel youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzfx0iz3nU8VBZqbkRVhKjA/videos

Additional information

Website Manuela Frescura: http://www.manuelafrescura.ch/

Website tarallucce: www.tarallucce.ch.

Fiorentina Talamo – Stimme Manuela

Frescura – Mandoline, Mandola

Laure Perrenoud – Gitarre

Website Trekel publishing company: www.trekel.de

Wikipedia about Heinrich Konietzny: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinrich_Konietzny

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guitar quartet

Karlsruhe Guitar Quartet plays Telemann and Kurt Weill’s “Moritat…

The Karlsruhe Guitar Quartet has won the second price in a competition for guitar quartets composed of students in Gevelsberg (Gitarrenwettbewerb in Gevelsberg).

The four members of the quartet are studying classical guitar at the music university of Karlsruhe:

Roman Hernitscheck (Germany), Marco Lima (Brazil), Gleb Simak (Estonia), Kristjan Tamm (Estonia).

Kristjan Tamm and Gleb Simak have won a scholarship by the German-Estonian Society.

The Karlsruhe Guitar Quartet has made two videos with pieces from their program. The first shows the guitar version of the Concerto for four violins by G. Ph. Telemann. The second viedeo shows a great arrangement of “Die Moritat von Mackie Messer” by Kurt Weill from “Die Dreigroschenoper”

Georg Philipp Telemann, Concerto in D-Dur

Noten hier erhältlich / sheet music http://www.edition49.de

Kurt Weill – Moritat Mackie Messer aus „Dreigroschenoper“

Videos made with friendly support by the Hoepfner Foundation http://www.Hoepfner-Stiftung.org and edition49 publishing company  http://www.edition49.de

Additional Information

Website of the Youth Competition for Guitar in Gevelsberg: http://jugendwettbewerb-gevelsberg.de/

Music University Karlsruhe: http://www.hfm-karlsruhe.de

Boris Björn Bagger: http://www.BorisBagger.de

Andreas von Wangenheim: http://www.AndreasvonWangenheim.com

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mandolin orchestra

Compositions by Hermann Ambrosius for the modern Mandolin Orchestra…

Hermann Ambrosius is one of the most important German composers for the modern mandolin orchestra named Zupforchester in Germany. His compositions are played by many orchestras in Germany and around the world.

Today I have compiled all the youtube videos with works by Hermann Ambrosius.

Enjoy the music of Hermann Ambrosius.


Feierlicher Reigen

Hermann Ambrosius, Feierlicher Reigen

Der Mandolinenclub “Ellerbek von 1911” e.V. spielt anlässlich seines 100-jährigen Jubiläums im Kieler Schloss:
Hermann Ambrosius
Feierlicher Reigen

HERMANN AMBROSIUS – Feierlicher Reigen (Ciaccona)

Laboratorio Musicale Estense – Ferrara, Italy


Suite No. 6

Suite N°6 /1; Hermann Ambrosius (1897-1983)

Preludio – Minuetto – Sarabanda

Suite N°6 /2; Hermann Ambrosius (1897-1983)

Gavotta – Badinerie

Lugano’s mandolin orchestra (Ticino, Switzerland) conducted by Mauro Pacchin.
Performed during the Gala concert 2008 at the Auditorio Stelio Molo, Lugano. Broadcasted live on RETE2, Radio della Svizzera italiana.

Suite No. 6 für zupforchester – Hermann Ambrosius PART ONE

Suite No. 6 für zupforchester – Hermann Ambrosius PART TWO

The Western Australian Mandolin Orchestra performing in Fremantle Town Hall November 2008.
Conducted by Robert Schulz

Suite No.6.wmv


Suite Nr.6 fűr Zupforchester(H.Ambrosius)-組曲第6番

Partita Mandolin Guitar Ensemble (conducted by Joichi Kawamura) performed Hermann Ambrosius’s Suite Nr.6 fűr Zupforchester in the 9th Regular Concert on 24th Sep. 2011 at Chiba City Culture Center Art Holl, Japan. http://homepage2.nifty.com/partita/

Mandol’in Tempo – 02 – suite n°6 de H. Ambrosius

concert à st michel de fronsac de l’ensemble à plectres (mandolines et guitares) Mandol’in Tempo basé en gironde à St André de Cubzac

Ambrosius – Praludium

Ambrosius Menuett

Ambrosius Sarabande

Hermann Ambrosius
Suite Nr.6 fur Zupforchester

Carlo Aonzo’s Mandolin Workshop 2010 – see: http://www.carloaonzo.com/



Sérénade ; H. Ambrosius

Orchestre à Plectres du Sud-Ouest; dir: F. Calvo
Festival Mandolines St-Girons 2010


Sérénade d’Ambrosius, jouée le 1er novembre 2009 à Tarbes à l’occasion de la semaine de la mandoline. Orchestre à plectres régional, direction Florentino Calvo.


Konzert für Violoncello und Orchester

H. AMBROSIUS – Concerto per violoncello e Orchestra a plettro – Allegro Moderato (I mov.)

H. AMBROSIUS – Concerto per violoncello e Orchestra a plettro – Adagio (II mov.)

H. AMBROSIUS – Concerto per violoncello e Orchestra a plettro – Vivo (III mov.)

“Il tocco dell’Angelo”
Sala Convegni del Palazzo della Ragione – Pomposa (FE) – 9 Aprile 2012
Violoncello Sebastiano Severi – Ensemble a plettro Caput Gauri
Concerto in Do Maggiore (1980)

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