Riccardo Drigo – The Famous Serenade from the Opera “Les Millions de Harleqins” – Mandolin Quartet

I have recently discovered a new archive with digitized sheet music, the archive of the Dutch broadcasting corporation http://www.muziekschatten.nl/ In this archive I found the Serenade by Riccardo Drigo and I have searched for information about this composition and its composer. I have not found a very detailed biography of Riccardo Drigo, but the article […]

Giuseppe Silvestri – Serenade – Free Sheet Music for Mandolin and Guitar

One of the interesting pieces for mandolin and guitar in the Biblioteca della chitarra e del mandolino is the Serenade by Giuseppe Silvestri. I have found recordings of this tune at youtube and also a historical recording in the National Jukebox of the Library of Congress. The first recording is from the Mandolin Festival in […]

Enrico Toselli – Famous Serenade – Free Sheet Music für Mandolin and Guitar

On the website  http://www.justclassicalguitar.com/vpmusicmedia/biblioteca.php I have found the sheet music for the famous Serenade Op. 6 by Enrico Toselli for mandolin and guitar. Biography of Enrico Toselli on the website of the BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/artists/a3856768-44f6-4209-a8c4-4d70adff516d and Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enrico_Toselli Enrico Toselli (March 13, 1883 Florence – January 15, 1926 Florence) was an Italian pianist and composer. He […]

The Athenian Mandolin Quartet – Historical Recordings

I have just found 4 youtube videos with historical recordings of the Athenian Mandolin Quartet, which is also known as the Alessios de Filippis Mandolin Quartet. More recordings of this groups are available on Edision cylinders on the site of the cylinder conservation project and in the Library of Congress. These are the recordings made […]

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