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Penelope Houston – Autoharp and L. A. Punk

I heard some tracks from Penelope Houston’s CD Cut You in a local independent radio station many years ago. The voice of Penelope Houston, and the arrangements with autoharp and also mandolin in several tracks made my buy this CD, and since then I have listened to it now and then.

There are some youtube videos with songs by Penelope Houston from this period, mainly the songs with the album cover – but no live videos that show her with the autoharp.

Penelope Houston – Snakebite

“Snakebite” features in the lp Karmal Apple (1994, Normal rec)

Penelope Houston – Sweetheart

This song is from the CD Cut You, and you can hear the mandolin very good in the middle of the song

The following video shows Penelope Houston playing the autoharp – although the sound is not very good in this video.

Penelope Houston and Lout – “Hole” @ Broadway Studios, San Francisco, 10/12/09

Penelope Houston and Lout performing a song during Journey to the End of the Bay: Punk Rockers Spill Their Guts, launch party for the book GIMME SOMETHING BETTER by Jack Boulware & Silke Tudor.

Penelope dedicated the band’s set to Brendan Mullen, who passed away that afternoon.

The event took place at Broadway Studios (formerly the On Broadway).

Some other videos show performances of Penelope Houstin with the band Avengers, an early Punk Band from the Los Angeles area. You can find thios videos in my playlist below.


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