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Kyrre Slind – Acoustic Guitar & Lute – Great…

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In the latest covermount mix I have discovered Kyrre Slind with the great track Oysterhaven from his latest album Open Airs.

I have also found a recent video at youtube:

Kyrre Slind plays Kevin’s Melody and Borders from the album Open Airs in Carlops Church, Scotland. The full album can be heard at www.kyrreslind.com

Kyrre Slind is originally from Norway, but he has been in Ireland for some years and now lives in Scotland and Norway.

On his album Open Airs he has compiled a selection of tunes for the guitar and lute. You can find 4 tracks from this album on soundcloud.

If you like music for the acoustic guitar and lute you should check this album!

Additonal Information

Soundcloud Kyrre Slind

Kyrre Slind plays Lute, Banjo, Guitars, Mandolin and Sitar. Lives in Scotland and Norway. Plays solo and with Gerda Stevenson, and appears at local sessions.

Kyrre Linds Album Open Airs is available at Bandcamp Kyrre Slind

Open Airs is a musical log book of travels in Norway, Ireland and Scotland.

In 2011, Norwegian musician and composer Kyrre Slind quit his job, bought a banjo and hit the road on a Vespa 125 scooter, heading for Ireland. 4 years later – rich in new experiences – he releases his first solo album Open Airs, recorded in Scotland and Norway.

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Kyrre Slind at vimeo


Katzenjammer – “A Kiss Before You Go”- The Best…

It is just one week that the new CD by the Norwegian Women Quartet Katzenjammer has been published in Germany. Since I have discovered Katzenjammer two years ago this quartet – four women from Norway – has made a big development. They have toured through Germany and Europe and played at many festivals.

Their song I will dance (when I walk away) might be No. 1 in the charts of one of the most popular radio stations SWR3 this week.

So I have tried to find the best video clips and information about Katzenjammer at the moment.

Katzenjammermake great performances with their big collection of instruments, including the mandolin in many songs, a banjo, guitars, piano, glockenspiel and their very special instrument: the bass balalaika painted with a cats face. But you can also hear accordion, cans, a washboard, harmonica, drumset, trumpet and many other instruments.

Also their singing is great and powerfull. They can play in sing in many different styles and sometimes they are very funny too.

Enjoy my collection of new and great videos with Katzenjammer!

Katzenjammer @ Sat1 TV Cherry Pie

Katzenjammer Introduction

Katzenjammer “Land of Confusion”

Playlist Katzenjammer – Aktuelle Videos Sommer 2011


Additional Information

Homepage Katzenjammer with the official video clip of  “I Will Dance”: http://www.katzenjammer.no/

A great video from a concert in Hamburg produced by CORETV – 30 minutes with great images and great songs by Katzenjammer: http://www.core-tv.de/archive/katzenjammer

CORE✮TV April ’11 – Katzenjammer from CORE✮TV on Vimeo.

Interview: http://www.yaez.de/Musik/849-Katzenjammer-Girlgroup-auf-norwegisch.html

Katzenjammer unplugged at SWR3 (German radio station): http://www.swr3.de/musik/Ganz-und-gar-kein-Katzenjammer/-/id=47316/did=1193194/1tuuma4/index.html

My blog post from  August 2009 (most viewed post in my German blog gezupftes.de: http://www.gezupftes.de/?p=375


The Jumping Fleas Ukulele Band – Norway – Music…

Music is a littlebit – Image is everything!

This three piece ukulele band from Norway has 4 nice videos. I have not found more information about this band, so just enjoy the videos of the Jumping Fleas:

The Jumping Fleas ukulele band – Teaser

The Jumping Fleas ukulele band – Aksjon

The Jumping Fleas ukulele band – Kjerringa


Additional information about the Jumping Fleas


aaa to be reviewed

Marit Larsen and the Mandolin – Steal my Heart

Marit Larsen has become very popular in Germany, currently she is touring through Germany and I have read some articles about her. Very often I could read, that she does also play the mandolin too in her shows. Today I tried to find some interesting videos with Marit Larsen and the mandolin – here is what I have found.

The first videos are from the current Germany tour. Marit uses the story about how she came to buy a mandolin some 6 or 7 years ago. She tells, that she discovered a cool rock’n’roll riff on the mandolin and that she thought she could become a rock’n’roll star with the mandolin. Steal my Heart is not a rock’n’roll song, but you can see and hear the mandolin well in this video:

Marit Larsen – Steal My Heart – Live: Köln, 26.2.2010

This is a Video I recorded from Marit’s concert in Cologne (Köln) on February 26, 2010. She first talks a bit about how she got to write the song (how she got her mandoline) and what it is about. If you want to skip to the real song, it starts at about 1:25. Sorry for the background noice. Enjoy 🙂

There are quite many videos of this song – Steal my Heart – you can easily find those when you search for “Marit Larsen Steal My Heart”.

The second video shows Marit Larson now when she tries to create a rock’n’roll moment in her concert in Bochum. This song is really a bit more rocking and you can see the mandolin quite well.

MARIT LARSEN LIVE ZECHE BOCHUM 1: Only A Fool (Februar 2010)

Marit Larsen has been playing the mandolin for some years, and the sound of the earlier videos is a little bit different, with the banjo and a harmonica it reminds more to country and bluegrass. Here you can see a version of Only a Fool from a TV show:

Marit Larsen – Only a Fool [Live @ NRK1]

And finally another interesting version of Only a Fool, from a rainy festival, where Marit Larsen was joined by the members of another Norwegian Band – Katzenjammer:

Marit Larsen Only A Fool P3 sessions

Additional information about Marit Larsen

Official Homepage: http://www.maritlarsen.com/de/home

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/maritlarsen

German Fan-Homepage: http://www.maritlarsen.de/

Blog article about Katzenjammer: Katzenjammer – Frauenband aus Norwegen

Joni Was Right I/II – Marit Larsen (Amazon partnerlink)