Erik Mongrain – Master of Air Tap – Fascinating Guitar Sound

Erik Mongrain has developed a technique to perfection which is known as Air Tap. For playing this Air Tap technique the guitar is not played in the normal position but is laid flat in front of the the player and is played simultaneously by both hands. The left hand produces the tones by hammering down […]

Maxim Cormier – A Young Guitar Player from Cape Breton – indiegogo Campaign for his next CD

I have found Maxim Cormier on twitter when he posted about his new recording project. He has started a campaign with indiegogo to raise the money for his next CD. He plans to record the new CD together with his father Gervais Cormier: Hi, My name is Maxim Cormier. In the links below, you’ll find […]

Calum Graham – He can play the guitar like few can on the planet – New CD 12:34 with Don Ross

Calum Graham is a young guitarist from Canada who is already a master of his instrument. Three years ago he won the first price at the Canadian Guitar Festival with this fantastic and incredible performance. Canadian Guitar Festival 2010: Finalist 1, Song 2 – 1st Place (Calum Graham – “The Channel”) Calum has just released […]

Pirate Heart and Ukulele – Coeur De Pirate & Julien Doré sing “Umbrella”

The Canadian singer Coeur de Pirate (pirate heart) has sung the song Umbrella together with Julien Doré in thr French TV Show Taratata. This is a great example of a song that is accompanied by just a ukulele. Coeur De Pirate & Julien Doré “Umbrella” // “Pour Un Infidèle” (Live On Taratata Juin 2009) Les […]

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