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Cindy Woods – Drawings of Musicians – Bluegrass, Mandolin,…

Accidentally I have found a drawing of Wu Man, the chinese pipa player and some other musicians from a concert of the Silk Road Project, by Cindy Woods.

Cindy Woods died from cancer in Nov. 2008. In her last years she has published almost 2000 drawings in her flickr photo strean and in her blog learningdaily .

I have spent some time looking throuh the post in the learningdaily blog looking for other drawings of musicians. Cindy did obviously like music like folk and bluegrass, but also world music like the chinese music of Wu Man. I have found many of my favorite musicians:

Chris Thile with his mandolin, Nickel Creek, Bela Fleck with the banjo, Edgar Meyer with his double bass, Hamilton de Holanda with the bandolim,  Lang Lang on the piano, Eddie Vedder with mandolin and guitar, ….

You can find finished and colored drawings, but also a lot of interesting sketches. The following album contains 132 drawings of musicians:


Cindy Woods - Musicians
Cindy Woods - Musicians

Photostream of Cindy Woods: http://www.flickr.com/photos/me303/

learningdaily Blog: http://learndaily.blogspot.com/

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Bluegrass and Art – Drawings, Paintings and more

From time to time I like to visit exhibitions and galleries to see some great works of art, but I do also search for drawings and paintings online. As a musician and Bluegrass fan I especially like to watch paintings and drawings of musicians and instruments.

Today I want to present five websites with pictures of musicians, instruments and bands – bluegrass, folk, plucked instruments and much more.

I wish you a lot of fun with this “painted music”.

Mockingbirds at Midnight – Maggie Sloan

Mockingbirds of Midnight
Mockingbirds of Midnight

Maggie Sloan presents her drawings and paintings including many drawings of musicians and instruments:

Painting and drawing and playing tunes are the things that make life real, They are what makes my life matter. These, and berry pie.




Robin Hoffman is a regular visitor of the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn, NY and makes a lot of sketches of the bands playing there. The theater is also used for exhibitions, and Robin Hoffman had an exhibistion of her works there. She uses those sketches as a base for her paintings, but she decided to make the sketches available too in her blog. You can find her  pictures on her homepage.

Welcome to my sketchbook blog! These are sketches that I do live during shows, mostly at the Jalopy Theatre in Brooklyn, NY. Later, I work over some of them into finished paintings.

I had a show of paintings on the walls at Jalopy (which is also an art gallery), from November, 2009 – January, 2010. I do a lot of sketching and a lot of studies, and it’s great fun. Sometimes people like to see the live drawings, so I created this diary. I also have a small book for sale, and you can read about that here.

Blog: http://blog.ukulelechicken.com/

Homepage: http://www.robinhoffman.com/

Graham Blair

Graham Blair

Graham Blair is a drawer and designer of posters, flyers and logos. I have discovered his homepage when I searched for pictures of Emory Lester. On page illustrations you can find drawings of some bluegrass musicians that he has made for the North Bluegrass Magazine – including drawings of Bill Monroe, Emory Lester and David Grisman. On page layouts you can find pages of the North Bluegrass Magazine that were designed by Graham Blair. You can also find ads, posters and logos designed by Graham Blair.


Hands of Music – Adam W. Carlos

Hands of Music
Hands of Music

Adam W. Carlos has made a number of very nice pencil drawings of musicians with their instruments. Those drawings are also used for t-shirts.

Finally, in 1998 he decided to concentrate full time on artwork. Since that time, he has been tirelessly pursuing and improving his portraiture and his Hands of Music series, both of which combine his love of photography and graphite drawing with his admiration of the human character and love of music.


Mueller’s Journal

Mueller's Journal
Mueller’s Journal

Mueller’s Journal is the homepage of the German drawer Christoph Mueller. Christoph Mueller has made many drawings of musicians from Country, Bluegrass and Blues, he has designed Posters and CD-covers and he has also made some very interesting decorated ukuleles and cigarbox ukuleles.


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