Cindy Woods – Drawings of Musicians – Bluegrass, Mandolin, Guitar, …

Accidentally I have found a drawing of Wu Man, the chinese pipa player and some other musicians from a concert of the Silk Road Project, by Cindy Woods.

Cindy Woods died from cancer in Nov. 2008. In her last years she has published almost 2000 drawings in her flickr photo strean and in her blog learningdaily .

I have spent some time looking throuh the post in the learningdaily blog looking for other drawings of musicians. Cindy did obviously like music like folk and bluegrass, but also world music like the chinese music of Wu Man. I have found many of my favorite musicians:

Chris Thile with his mandolin, Nickel Creek, Bela Fleck with the banjo, Edgar Meyer with his double bass, Hamilton de Holanda with the bandolim,  Lang Lang on the piano, Eddie Vedder with mandolin and guitar, ….

You can find finished and colored drawings, but also a lot of interesting sketches. The following album contains 132 drawings of musicians:

Cindy Woods - Musicians
Cindy Woods - Musicians

Photostream of Cindy Woods:

learningdaily Blog:

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