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Della Mae – New CD “The World Oft Can…

The new CD  This World Oft Can Be by Della Mae will be released on May 28th by Rounder Records. The official video for this CD has been made available some days ago. Della Mae play their song Empire, one of my favorite songs from the new album.

The video has also been featured on the CMT website.

Della Mae – “Empire” (Official Video)

Della Mae has toured in Germany in December 2011 as part of the annual Bluegrass Jamboree, I have seen the band in the concert given in Offenburg.

You can listen to the complete CD This World Oft Can Be already at Airplay Direct:


Last year Della Mae were part of a program to bring American music to South- and Central-Asia (see article below). During this tour there were some very special encounters between American Bluegrass and Asian traditional music, like in the following video:

Aged Pine – Анда сен

Della Mae and Устатшакирт

I have made a playlist with some new videos by Della Mae. The playlist includes a complete show (Winter Village Bluegrass Festival, Hangar Theatre, 1/26/13) and some versions of the song Empire from different concerts.

Enjoy Della Mae!

Playlist Della Mae

Additional information

About Della Mae (German): http://missismusic.de/2011_12_della-mae-beim-3-bluegrass-jamboree/

American Music Abroad Cultivates Next Generation of Voices

I recently toured with the dynamic five-girl bluegrass group Della Mae for a “Bluegrass on the Silk Road” tour of South and Central Asia. American Music Abroad activities focus on younger and underserved audiences in countries with little or no access to live American performances. As such, Della Mae kicked off their tour in Islamabad, Pakistan, at the all-female Fatima Jinnah University.

Della Mae’s presence on campus was akin to that of the Beatles or the Rolling Stones — students at the country’s first female university were so excited to hear the female bluegrass band that they literally tore the doors off the hinges of the theater to get in on the sound check warm-up. “We’ve never played for crowds so excited and enthused to hear live music,” said Della Mae fiddler Kimber Ludiker.

Della Mae at CMT: http://www.cmt.com/videos/della-mae/908426/empire.jhtml

Music City Roots about Della Mae: http://musiccityroots.com/artist/della-mae

Music City Roots Show April 2013: http://livestre.am/4qZ5f

Della Mae at twitter: https://twitter.com/heyheydellamae

Buy CD at amazon (partner link)

This World Oft Can Be – Della Mae


Jarmo Romppanen – 10-String Mandolin Player from Finland –…

Jarmo Romppanen has just released his second album with solo music for 10-string mandolin Solmogen II. I have met Jarmo during the European Mandolin Academy in Trossingen. With his group Nordic Choro Jarmo has recorded a CD with Choro music. And some years ago he has published his first solo CD Solmagen.

Now he has taken the music of Finland, Swedish Polska and American Old Time music and created his own new style of mandolin playing.

Jarmo has made a great set of videos with the the pieces of his new CD. His 10-string mandolin has a great ringing sound – I enjoy those videos very much.

Playlist Jarmo Romppanen

Additional Information

CD Solmogen II: http://www.aania.fi/solmogen2_fi.html

CD Solmogen: http://www.aania.fi/jarmo_romppanen_fi.html

Website Jarmo Romppanen: http://www.jarmoromppanen.net/

I´m a professional folk-musician and received my Master of Music degree from the Sibelius Academy Department of Folk Music in 2002. I´m working as a performing artist, composer, arranger, producer and music-teacher.

Ääniä Records has just publiced the second solo album of mine called Solmogen II. I´ve been creating a new style of playing, never before heard on mandolin. The music on this album is influenced by Finnish-Karelian kantele and bowed lyre playing, by the Swedish triplet-polska tradition and by North-American Old Time music. There are long legato melodic phrases, lots of slurs, fast runs, melodic variations and improvised parts between the themes.  It is a studio live album, recorded completely solo with no overdubs or edits (except fades) on it.

youtube search “nordic choro”: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=nordic+choro&oq=nordic+choro

To end this post I have added another video by Jarmo Romppanen recorded 3 years ago with the 10-string mandolin

Jarmo Romppanen – 10 string mandolin

Pieces: Solmogen / Östervik / Västervik Greta

comment by Jarmo: I´m playing with 10-string mandolin and mandola built by a Finnish luthier Arto Pulkkinen.


Steeldrivers – New CDHammer Down – Great Bluegrass Band…

The Steeldrivers have just published their new CD Hammer Down. I have found the complete CD on the Airplay Direct website some days ago and listened to some tracks.

You also can hear a performance of the Steeldrivers with  of some of the songs from the new album here: http://www.npr.org/event/music/186897764/the-steeldrivers-on-mountain-stage

Now I have searched for some newer videos with songs from this CD and other recent performances. Here is my compilation about The Steeldrivers:

STEELDRIVERS: No Mississippi

The Steeldrivers, I’ll Be There

The Steeldrivers, Lonesome Goodbye

The SteelDrivers – Peacemaker

The SteelDrivers – Ghosts of Mississippi / Blue Side of the Mountain

Playlist Steeldrivers

Additional Information

CD Hammer Down at Airplay Direct: http://www.airplaydirect.com/music/TheSteelDriversHammerDown/

2012 has found The SteelDrivers traveling throughout the USA and branching out into Canada and Europe. They have recently completed their third album entitled Hammer Down which is due to be released February 5, 2013.

The Steeldrivers on Mountain Stage: http://www.npr.org/2010/10/18/130646927/the-steeldrivers-on-mountain-stage

The SteelDrivers are a five-piece bluegrass band from Nashville, Tennessee that incorporates country and soul, or “new music with the old feeling.”

The band consists of new lead vocalist/guitarist Gary Nichols, Mike Fleming on the bass, banjo player Richard Bailey, Tammy Rogers on the fiddle and Mike Henderson on guitar and mandolin.

More Steeldriver videos in the youtube channel Folk & Bluegrass:


Website Steeldrivers: http://www.steeldrivers.net/

Since the release of The SteelDrivers (2008) and Reckless (2010), The SteelDrivers have been nominated for three Grammys, four IBMA awards and the Americana Music Association’s New Artist of the Year. They were presented the International Bluegrass Music Association’s award for Emerging Artist of the Year in 2009. That same year the band spent a week in Georgia as part of the cast in the movie “Get Low”. The movie, that starred Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek and Bill Murray, featured a soundtrack that included four tunes by The ‘Drivers. In 2011 the English pop star Adele began performing the SteelDriver song “If It Hadn’t Been For Love” in her live performances. Her opinion of The SteelDrivers is: “They’re a blues, country, bluegrass, swagger band and they are brilliant.” They have been invited to perform on numerous radio and TV shows ranging from The Grand Ole Opry to NPR’s Mountain Stage to the Conan O’Brien show.

Interview: ARTIST OF THE MONTH: The SteelDrivers



John Cohen (The New Lost City Ramblers) joins the…

A new CD with the Dust Busters has just be released by Smithsonian Folkways – a collaboration between musician and filmmaker John Cohen and the Dust Busters.

The following video presents John Cohen:

American Standard Time Presents John Cohen

In the following great animation video John Cohen tells about his first meeting with Harry Smith:

Some Crazy Magic: Meeting Harry Smith

The following press release gives all the details about this new and interesting CD release:

Press Release


On Aug. 14, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings will release ‘Old Man Below,’ a collaboration between Brooklyn, New York-based folk trio The Dust Busters and their mentor, folk music legend John Cohen of The New Lost City Ramblers.

The 20-song collection features old-time American folk, jug band blues, fiddle tunes, and ballads passed down through earlier generations of folk musicians and learned from 1920s and ’30s recordings. John Cohen has helped guide The Dust Busters (all in their 20s) since the group formed in 2008 and began visiting Cohen’s home in Putnam Valley, New York, to jam, cook, and soak up as much of the music and its history as possible.

“The Dust Busters start where the New Lost City Ramblers left off, evoking the golden age of the 1920s and 1930s.” – John Cohen

“The words and music in these songs reveal human stories that anyone can relate to.”
–The Dust Busters’ Eli Smith

Listen to a sneak preview of ’The Old Man Below’: http://goo.gl/6rnTu

Watch a performance of “Two Soldiers” live from the Jalopy Theatre in Brooklyn, NY:

Read more “John Cohen (The New Lost City Ramblers) joins the Dust Busters on ‘Old Man Below’ – New CD Release by Smithsonian”