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European Guitar and Mandolin Youth Orchestra (EGMYO) – Workshop…

Last summer the EGMYO (European Guitar and Mandolin Youth Orchestra) has met in Germany for a workshop and two concerts.

The workshop was organized by the Bund Deutscher Zupfmusiker (German plucked strings association). Now a set of videos about the workshop and the concerts is available. The workshop took place from July 30 to August 8 in the European Academy Otzenhausen (EAO) in Saarland in Germany.

The participants were about 50 young mandolin and guitar players from whole Europe, from Portugal in the south to Scotland in the north of Europe.

EGMYO 2016 – The Movie presentsthe participants, the team, the accordion-soloist Daniel Roth, the organisation, the rehearsals and the program in detail. The composer Marcel Wengler explains his composition “Konstellationen” which some of the players named the most interesting composition of the program.

The second playlist EGMYO 2016 contains the complete videos of the final concert on August 7, 2016 which took place in the Academy in Otzenhausen. The concert from August 6 in Echternach is also availabe as a video.

The program was composed of some very interesting compositions for plucked strings orchestra, including two pieces with accordion solo.

  • Norbert Sprongl (1892-1983) – Tanz-Suite op.103
  • Marcel Wengler (*1946) – Konstellationen and Wedding Dance
  • Luigi Salamon – Latin Bridge
  • Kenji Suehiro (*1979) – Meteorshower
  • Hiromitsu Kagajo (*1961) – Black Out
  • Bernard van Beurden: 4 Movements for Accordion and Mandolin and Guitar
  • Astor Piazzolla: Oblivion for accordion ansd plucked strings orchestra
  • Dominik Hackner: Danza Cubana
  • Giuseppe Manente: Reverie du Poète (arr. Dominik Hackner)
  • Armin Kaufmann: Mitoka Dragomirna op.62 (arr Vinzenz Hladky)

Playliste EGMYO 2016 – The Movie

Playliste EGMYO 2016 – The Concert

This playlist contains videos of all the compositions performed at the final concert of the EGMYO (European Guitar and Mandolin Youth Orchestra) under conductor Dominik Hackner at the European Academy in Otzenhausen on September 7th, 2016.

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Joy Kills Sorrow – Deadly Gentlemen – Sarah Jarosz…

Some of my favorite bands have played on the Mountain Stage recently – here are the links to the concerts that are available on the NPR website. You can also listen to the concerts and download the mp3 on the Mountain Stage site.

Joy Kills Sorrow On Mountain Stage

The bluegrass band draws influence from the worlds of jazz, pop and rock in its innovative arrangements. Here, the group covers The Postal Service’s electro-pop classic “Such Great Heights” with a mastery that makes it sound as if the song belonged to Joy Kills Sorrow all along.

Joy Kills Sorrow – Such Great Heights – OFFICIAL VIDEO

Sarah Jarosz On Mountain Stage

Widely regarded as one of the most exciting performers in roots music, Jarosz continues to embrace her bluegrass background while incorporating influences from pop, folk and indie rock. Hear the 22-year-old multi-instrumentalist perform songs from her latest record, Build Me Up From Bones.

Sarah Jarosz: “Build Me Up From Bones,” Live On Soundcheck

The Deadly Gentlemen On Mountain Stage

The five virtuoso musicians came together to form an unconventional string band with influences from the worlds of pop, rock and spoken word. Hear the group perform songs from its latest album, Roll Me, Tumble Me, recorded live in Tennessee.

The Deadly Gentlemen “Roll Me, Tumble Me”

Check also the following two bluegrass bands on Mountain Stage: Steep Canyon Rangers and The Greencards

Steep Canyon Rangers On Mountain Stage

Based in North Carolina, the band has a solid foundation in traditional bluegrass and old-time music, while constantly folding in influences from country, pop and folk. Hear the boundary-pushing group perform songs from its new album, Tell the Ones I Love.

The Greencards On Mountain Stage

The Australian bluegrass band kicks off a high-energy set with “Make It Out West,” which the group says was inspired by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Hear The Greencards perform new songs, as well as material from 2011’s fan-funded release, The Brick Album.

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Fleet Foxes – Radio Session at KCRW – Newport…

Yesterday I have found a picture with a mandolin at tumblr, the tags said that it was a picture of Skyler Skjelset from the band Fleet Foxes. I tried to find music by this band and found the following concert at NPR, a radio session at KCRW hat has been filmed and is availble on the NPR site:

This is the first radio session the members of Fleet Foxes performed in support of their sophomore album, Helplessness Blues, and I think we know why: Frankly, they’re not morning people. The band let us know this by jokingly calling our show, Morning Becomes When It’s Difficult To Sing Well. (Or something along those lines.)

Still, these guys turned out a gorgeous set of music, with their harmonies fully intact. The songs sounded even better live than on the album — especially “Grown Ocean,” “Battery Kinzie” and our old favorite, “Mykonos.”

You can hear and see the session at KCRW here:

I have listened to this concert and I liked it very much. A great band with a fantastic sound!

Several videos from this session are also available at youtube:

Playlist Fleet Foxes

Another concert with Fleet Foxes is also available at NPR:

Fleet Foxes: Newport Folk Festival 2009

Fleet Foxes’ self-titled debut was one of 2008’s most critically adored records. The Seattle band pairs layers of harmonized vocals — the sort of sound that could have emerged from the 1920s or the 1970s — with shuffling drums and finger-picked guitars. In keeping with the band’s name, the record’s song titles (“Meadowlarks,” “Blue Ridge Mountains,” “Ragged Wood”) suggest a bucolic vision of nature, though lead singer Robin Pecknold’s lyrics occasionally hint at violence (“And Michael you would fall / and turn the white snow red / as strawberries in summertime,” from “White Winter Hymnal”).

Additional information

Website Fleet Foxes:

The latest CD by Fleet Foxes (Amazon partnerlink)



A Concert with the Mandolin Orchestra “Mandolinata Karlsruhe” –…

The mandolin orchestra “Mandolinata Karlsruhe” has been filmed during a concert given in Logroño last year. The complete concert is available at youtube. The concert took place during the  XIV Festival Internacional de Instrumentos Populares de La Rioja 2011.

This orchestra is conducted by Christopher Grafschmidt who is a guitar player, musicologist and composer. He has composed many pieces for mandolin orchestra and other instruments. One of his pieces has been performed during the concert in Logroño .

Mandolinata Karlsruhe – Christopher Grafschmidt – Auf geht’s

I have played together with Christopher Grafschmidt  in the orchestra “Badisches Zupforchester”, and I know several of the players of this orchestra. So I enjoeyed it very much to watch this set of videos.

Participación de Mandolinen und Guitarrenorchester Mandolinata Karlsruhe en el XIV Festival Internacional de Instrumentos Populares de La Rioja 2011, organizado por la Sociedad Musical Esmeralda de Pulso y Pua de Logroño
Pieza grabada en la Iglesia de Santa María de Agoncillo.


  • Enrique Granados – Tres Danzas Espagnolas
  • Kurt Schwaen – Abendmusik
  • Pietro Mascagni – Intermezzo aus der Oper Cavaleria rustica
  • W. A. Mozart – Divertimento in F KV 138
  • Johann und Josef Strauss – Pizzicato Polka
  • Christopher Grafschmidt – Auf geht’s
  • Francisco Tarrega – Recuerdos de la Alhambra
  • Silcher – Freud und Leid
  • Popular – La mar estaba serena

Playlist Mandolinata Karlsruhe

Additional Information

Website of the Mandolinata Karlsruhe:

Report about the trip to Logroño :

youtube channel of the Festivals in Logroño :

Canal de música del Festival Internacional de Instrumentos Populares de La Rioja, organizado por la Sociedad Musical Esmeralda. Logroño – La Rioja

Biography of Christopher Grafschmidt: