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Sutari & Dead Rat Orchestra – Free Folk in…

In one of the past newesletter from Folk Radio UK I found the interview with two folk bands who had joined for the Free Folk in Brexit Britain tour this summer. Sutari is the name of a trio composed of three women from Poland, Dead Rat Orchestra is a male trio from the UK.

The music by Sutari reminded me to one of my favorite albums with music from Hungary “La Hongire – Ensemble Ferenc Sebö”,especially the singing style of Sutari. In their music they are using traditional stringed instruments, but also all kind of other thinks like bottles, a big wrench, a bowl of water or kitchen equipment. You can watch a great performance filmed by KEXP here:

Sutari Live on KEXP

Dead Rat Orchestra are also using traditional instruments like the violin – but played in a very unusual way. The are also using meat choppers played with a wooden stick or a violin bow and other very unusual things. Watch this great performance from a Rough Music concert:

Dead Rat Orchestra – Rough Music Concert

I have found some videos from the recent Free Folk in Brexit Britain tour , check the following playlist with some great performances of both groups together:

Playlist Sutari & Dead Rat Orchestra

Additional information

Sutari on Soundcloud

Interview: Sutari & Dead Rat Orchestra – Free Folk in Brexit Britain Tour (10-16 July)

Sutari is the brainchild of three young women: singers, instrumentalists and performers – Kasia Kapela, Basia Songin and Zosia Zembrzuska, (they featured in our Lost in Transmission Show No 36). Like the DRO they are also busy with other projects as Kasia explained “We still work on both theatre and music projects. Zosia is a manager of culture, promoting contemporary Polish composers outside Poland. Basia is a storyteller and she performs with two music duos: Mehehe and Kuso. Kasia has a family-based band, Kapela Timingeriu, who play gypsy and klezmer music.”

culture.pl: Sutari

‘Intoxicating and hypnotic’ Wiano

The ensemble made their debut in 2012 at the prestige New Tradition Polish Radio Folk Festival, where they immediately received second prize from the jury and a prize from the audience: a ‘a storm of cheers’. They didn’t have to wait long for subsequent distinctions and complements. Journalists announced the Warsaw trio the most interesting new band of 2012. The group’s CV was then enriched by first prize at the 10th edition of Battle of the Bands, an international competition organized by one of the biggest labels in the world – World Music Network. The lively song Chłopacy gained 91% of online votes and got a chance to be internationally promoted by being included on the compilation album The Rough Guide to Undiscovered World.

Website Dead Rat Orchestra

One of the UK’s most innovative ensembles, their work has been performed, installed and experienced across Europe, North America and the Middle East, and their soundtracks have featured on BBC Television and at Tate Modern.

Post about the album La Hongrie and Ferenc Sebö

You might get the album La Hongrie at Amazon (Partnerlink):

La Hongrie

mandolin orchestra

Zgorzelecka Orkiestra Mandolinistów – Mandolin Orchestra from Poland

On the border between Germany and Poland, in the city of Zgorzelec the mandolin orchestra Zgorzelecka Orkiestra Mandolinistów has been founded in 1989. Zgorzelec is the neighbor city to the German city Gorlitz.

You can find information about this mandolin orchestra on its homepage – if you understand the Polish language, or if you use the goggle translation (see link at the end).

I have found a program of a concert given recently in Germany, from which I have taken the following information:

From the program of the concert with the Bigband of the Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Schule in Hemmingen and the Mandolin Orchestra from  Zgorzelec on April 2nd, 2011:

Das Mandolinenorchester wurde in Zgorzelec im Städtischen Kulturhaus 1989 gegründet. Sein Gründer und musikalischer Leiter ist Tadeusz Grudziński.

The mandolin orchestra waws founded in 1989 in the municipal house of culture in Zgorzelec. The founder and conductor is Tadeusz Grudziński.

Das Orchester besteht vor allem aus Kindern, Jugendlichen und jungen Erwachsenen im Alter von 12 bis 33 Jahren. Von den einst 25 Gründungsmitgliedern spielen noch 6 Mitglieder bis heute. Obwohl sie im Alltag studieren oder arbeiten, bilden sie einen festen und aktiven Orchesterkern und stehen mit ihrer musikalischen Erfahrung jüngeren Musikern zur Seite.

The members of the orchestra are children, youths and young adults aged between  12 and 33 years. 6 of the 25 fonding members still play in the orchestra until today. The build a fixed and active kernel of the orchestra and support the younger players with their experience.

In die 20-jährige Geschichte des Orchesters trugen sich wichtige künstlerische Leistungen ein. Im Jahr 2000 knüpfte das Orchester eine Zusammenarbeit mit Musikern aus Toulouse an und wurde zu einer zweiwöchigen Tournee in den Süden Frankreichs eingeladen. 2003 folgte das Orchester einer Einladung der französischen Stadt Avignon zu einer Konzertreihe, um die polnische Kultur vorzustellen. Der künstlerische Erfolg brachte eine weitere Einladung nach Frankreich im Juni 2004.

During the 20 years of its existence the orchestra has made many important artistic achievements. In the year 200 the orchestra begun a cooperation with musicians from Toulouse and has been invited for a two week  tour through the South of France. in 2003 the orchestra was invited by the City of Avignon for a concert series to present the polish culture. The success of this event initiated another invitation to France in 2004.

Das Jahr 2000 war ein großes Ereignis in der Laufbahn des Orchesters, das eine Weihnachtskonzertreise nach Brüssel machte. Von insgesamt über 450 Konzerten, die das Orchester auf seinem Konto gutgeschrieben hat, wurden ca. 250 Konzerte im Ausland gespielt.

A big event in the year 2000 was a christmas tour to Brussels. 250 out of 450 concerts by the orchestra were given outside of Poland.

Das breite Repertoire der polnischen und der Weltmusik begeistern immer die Zuhörer. Eine große Anerkennung für seinen Professionalismus und seinen einzigartigen Klang bekam das Orchester von bekannten polnischen Sängerinnen und Sängern anläßlich gemeinsamer Konzerte. Das Orchester nahm während zwei Jahrzehnten seiner Geschichte an zahlreichen internationalen Mandolinen und Gitarren- Festivals teil.

The broad repertoir of Polish music and World music always leads to an enthusiastic audience. The orchestra has gained a big recognition by well known Polish Singers. The orchestra has taken part in many international mandolin- and guitar festivals.

Das Orchester nahm 7 CDs auf und erhielt Gratulationsbriefe von höchsten polnischen Staatsvertretern für seine Aktivitäten. 2008 wurde dem Orchester die Ehrenmedaille “Für Verdienste um die Europastadt Görlitz-Zgorzelec” von den beiden Stadträten der Städte Zgorzelec und Görlitz verliehen.

The orchestra has recorded 7 CDs and has got gratulations by the highest Polish government officials for his activities. In 2008 the orchestra has been awardeed the medal for “merits for the European City of Görlitz-Zgorzelec” by the city councils of Zgorzelec and Görlitz.

Download of the program (pdf): Programm


The orchestra has made many videos during the last 3 years, including many videos from the 20th anniversary concert in 2009. In many videos famous singers are accompanied by the orchestra.

I have selected some videos with instrumental performances that better suited to hear the orchestra. The first video is a part of an Irish Suite:

Irish Suite – Zgorzelecka Orkiestra Mandolinistów – Tańce Irlandzkie

The well known music of the movie The Pirates of the Caribbean:

Zgorzelecka Orkiestra Mandolinistów Piraci z Karaibów

I have compiled a playlist with many more videos, the playlist starts with a Queen cover  – We Will Rock You:

Additional Information

Find videos of the mandolin orchestra from Zgorzelec: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Orkiestra+Mandolinist%C3%B3w&aq=f

Homepage: http://www.mandolina.art.pl/

Homepage with goggle translation to English: http://translate.google.de/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=de&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=pl&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mandolina.art.pl%2F

aa mandolin guitar

Kujawiak – A Famous Polish Dance by Henryk Wieniawski

The Kujawiak by Henry Wieniawaski belongs to the preferred pieces for recitals of young violin players – you can find many examples as youtube videos – here you can see the Kujawiak played by young violinist Martin Zayranow from Bulgaria:

Martin Zayranov Wieniawski Kuyawiak.avi

During the late 19th century this famous piece was also played by mandolin players. In 1894 Jean Pietrapertosa published his arrangement for the mandolin. I do also own a version for Mandolin Solo published in the collection A Variety of Mandolin Music – here is a screenshot from the first part of this arrangement:

In the english Wikipedia you can find the following description:

The Kujawiak is a Polish folk dance from the region of Kujawy in central Poland . It is one of the five national dances of Poland, the others being the krakowiak, mazur, oberek, and polonaise.

The music is in triple meter and fairly slow. The dance usually involves couples walking gracefully in a quarter-note (UK: crotchet) rhythm, on slightly bended knees, with relaxed turns and gently swaying. Women’s Kujawiak dances are also performed.

If you play a folk dance it is always recommended to watch a real dance to get a godd impression about the tempo and mood of the dance. This is a video with a danced Kujawiak:

You can find the complete original score for the Kujawiak by Henry Wieniawski in the IMSLP library (see below).

The piece is not that difficult, and sounds great with the chords on mandolin.

Let’s end this post with two great version played on the violin:

Henry Wieniawski “Mazurka”

Piotr JANOWSKI violin, “Kujawiak” by Henryk Wieniawski

More Information

Wikipedia  about Henryk Wieniawski: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henryk_Wieniawski

Free scores by Henryk Wieniawski in the IMSLP archive: http://imslp.org/wiki/Category:Wieniawski,_Henryk

Some other versions of Kujawiak dances from the ABC site: http://abcnotation.com/searchTunes?q=kujawiak&f=c&o=a&s=0