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Joy Kills Sorrow – Deadly Gentlemen – Sarah Jarosz…

Some of my favorite bands have played on the Mountain Stage recently – here are the links to the concerts that are available on the NPR website. You can also listen to the concerts and download the mp3 on the Mountain Stage site.

Joy Kills Sorrow On Mountain Stage

The bluegrass band draws influence from the worlds of jazz, pop and rock in its innovative arrangements. Here, the group covers The Postal Service’s electro-pop classic “Such Great Heights” with a mastery that makes it sound as if the song belonged to Joy Kills Sorrow all along.


Joy Kills Sorrow – Such Great Heights – OFFICIAL VIDEO

Sarah Jarosz On Mountain Stage

Widely regarded as one of the most exciting performers in roots music, Jarosz continues to embrace her bluegrass background while incorporating influences from pop, folk and indie rock. Hear the 22-year-old multi-instrumentalist perform songs from her latest record, Build Me Up From Bones.


Sarah Jarosz: “Build Me Up From Bones,” Live On Soundcheck

The Deadly Gentlemen On Mountain Stage

The five virtuoso musicians came together to form an unconventional string band with influences from the worlds of pop, rock and spoken word. Hear the group perform songs from its latest album, Roll Me, Tumble Me, recorded live in Tennessee.


The Deadly Gentlemen “Roll Me, Tumble Me”

Check also the following two bluegrass bands on Mountain Stage: Steep Canyon Rangers and The Greencards

Steep Canyon Rangers On Mountain Stage

Based in North Carolina, the band has a solid foundation in traditional bluegrass and old-time music, while constantly folding in influences from country, pop and folk. Hear the boundary-pushing group perform songs from its new album, Tell the Ones I Love.

The Greencards On Mountain Stage

The Australian bluegrass band kicks off a high-energy set with “Make It Out West,” which the group says was inspired by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Hear The Greencards perform new songs, as well as material from 2011’s fan-funded release, The Brick Album.

Additional Information

mandolin and guitar

Frank Turner: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert – With…

Frank Turner has givebn the following Tiny Desk Concert at the NPR. Matt Nasir who is mainly the piano player in Frank Turners band started to play the mandolin recently and he plays the mandolin in this concert. Three beautiful songs, with mandolin and guitar.

Frank Turner: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

The U.K. singer-songwriter and a bandmate are just two men with unplugged instruments, but they still convey the bawdy rowdiness of a full band. Performing three songs in the NPR Music offices, Turner shines in what may well be the most brightly lit performance space he’s ever graced.

For his Tiny Desk close-up, the U.K. singer-songwriter isn’t actually alone — he brings along the pianist in his band The Sleeping Souls, Matt Nasir, who joins in on mandolin — but Turner still does plenty to convey the bawdy rowdiness of a full band on his own. Opening with the terrifically anthemic, rehab-themed first single from his new album Tape Deck Heart (sample line: “On the first night we met, you said, ‘Well, darling, let’s make a deal/If anybody ever asks us, let’s just tell them that we met in jail'”), Turner shines in what may well be the most brightly lit performance space he’s ever graced. –STEPHEN THOMPSON

Set List

“The Way I Tend To Be”

The same video on the NPR site in better quality: http://www.npr.org/event/music/198794929/frank-turner-tiny-desk-concert

You can find an interview with Frank Turner in  World Cafe by NR:

Frank Turner On World Cafe

On this installment of World Cafe, Turner talks about everything from songwriting to politics — and even a little bit about his tattoos.


Frank Turner: A Punk Poet With A Confessional Streak

On a visit to NPR’s Washington D.C. office that also included an acoustic Tiny Desk Concert, Frank Turner spoke with Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin about his music, performing at the London Olympics and attending the same school as Prince William. Click the audio link to hear more of their conversation.


Frank Turner, Live At The Newport Folk Festival,…


Additional Information

Website Frank Turner


Chris Thile and the Punch Brothers on Mountain Stage…

The Punch Brothers with Chris Thile (mandolin) have just given another concert on Mountain Stage which is available at NPR. They played a set with some pieces from their new CD.

You can find all available performances with the Punch Brothers at NPR using the following link:

Punch Brothers at NPR


The NPR has also made an interview which is available in the following video

Punch Brothers on Mountain Stage

Chris Thile of The Punch Brothers sits down with host Larry Groce “Backstage at Mountain Stage.


Bill Frisell – Concert at the NPR – Bill…

One year ago the guitarist Bill Frisell has recorded a one hour concert with the NPR. I had written about this in my German blog www.gezupftes.de, but I have just found that I did not make an English version for this blog. Now I have just found a new Tiny Desk Concert with three Beatles pieces and decided to make the English version now.

The last years concert is still available. He played the following pieces in his set:

  • “You Are My Sunshine” (Jimmie Davis, Charles Mitchell)
  • “Keep Your Eyes Open” (Frisell)
  • “Raise Four” (Thelonious Monk)
  • “Throughout/Poem for Eva” (Frisell)
  • “Lovesick Blues” (Hank Williams)
  • “Ventura” (Lucinda Williams)

Bill Frisell Trio On JazzSet

The complete concert is available as streaming audio on the NPR site:


The followingt text is taken from the NPR site:

It’s true: Bill Frisell wears glasses, dresses casually and is modest and soft-spoken in person. But instead of stepping into a phone booth to put on a cape, he straps on his trusty Fender Telecaster and strides onstage.

Think of Frisell as a master painter who takes traditional American music forms like jazz, blues and folk and melds them into evocative soundscapes. Digging deep into the heart of Americana has been a wellspring of inspiration throughout his career. His recent projects include scoring soundtracks for the films of the great silent-era comedian Buster Keaton. His latest album consists of musical impressions of the photos by the man known as “Disfarmer,” a 1940s-era rural Arkansas artist and photographer who took stark black and white portraits of the local townfolk.

A great piece in this concert is Poem for Eva (begin at ca. 35:00) – I have found the following video with a solo version – Bill Frisell uses a looper device and other sound effect devices to produce a full sound like from a complete band:

Bill Frisell – Poem for Eva

Playlist Bill Frisell

At the end of the playlist I have added several interviews with Bill Frisell.

Additional Information

NPR Tiny Desk Konzert March 2012: http://www.npr.org/event/music/146156479/bill-frisell-tiny-desk-concert

  • “Nowhere Man”
  • “In My Life”
  • “Strawberry Fields Forever”

Homepage Bill Frisell: http://www.billfrisell.com/

Interview A Fireside Chat with Bill Frisell: http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=1156

Great 30 minutes video Big Think Interview With Bill Frisell: http://bigthink.com/ideas/20414

Sheet Music

Transcriptions of  Bill Frisell pieces: http://www.oocities.org/enalnitram/book.html?20118

Transcription of “I got Rhythm”: http://thestringslinger.blogspot.com/2010/02/bill-frisell-solo-on-i-got-rhythm.html

Three transcriptions by Bill Frisell: http://neilmattson.com/transcriptions/

CDs by Bill Frisell (amazon partnerlink)

When You Wish Upon a Star

The Best of Bill Frisell, Vol. 1: Folk Songs