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Nordic Mandolin – A Great New CD by Jarmo…

Jarmo Romppanen is one of the few mandolin players from Finland. For more than 25 years Jarmo has played the traditional folk music od his country, classical music and Brazilian Choro music. He has published several CDs as a soloist and with his group Nordic Choro. Jarmo is playing a 10 string mandolin. His new CD is titled Nordic Mandolin and is dedicated to the folk music of the nordic countries.

From his media release: Jarmo Romppanen is a mandolin player, a composer and a free lance musician from Finland, which is one of the Nordic countries in Northern Europe. These countries share certain folk music and dance traditions with each other.
Romppanen has released his third solo album called Nordic Mandolin…the album is full of fresh, airy and compelling music…the music is based on Nordic fiddle tunes and on traditional dance music; polska, schottische, polka, mazurka, waltz…the groovy songs are performed with a contemporary style of mandolin playing!
This album is the result of 25 years experience and intensive studying of mandolin playing and Nordic folk music.

Jarmo has recorded most tunes alone playing several tracks together – this creates the sound of a mandolin trio or mandolin quartet. The clear and bright sound of this recording reminds me to the recordings of the Melonious Quartet with Patrick Vaillant (France) or the recordings by Simon Mayor (UK). Some tracks do even sound like medieval music.

Jarmo Romppanen presents Nordic Mandolin


Jarmo Romppanen: Nordic Mandolin (ZBR03)
1. Gustaf (trad./Romppanen)
2. Viberg valsen (trad.)
3. Linnoitus (Romppanen)
4. Pyttis och Verlander (trad.)
5. Garvarens vals (trad.)
6. Renlund och MyRe (trad./Romppanen)
7. Långt borta (Romppanen)
8. Bromarv mazurkan (trad.)
9. Raseborg menuetten (trad.)
10. Mattby (trad.)
11. Borgå-Helsinge (trad.)
12. Pyttis (DJ Emil Remix) (trad.)

The first track of the CD Gustaf is available as split screen youtube video. You can watch Jarmo play the differnent tracks of his recording in four different screens.

Jarmo Romppanen: Gustaf (Romppanen/trad.)

In the track 11 “Borgå-Helsinge” Jarmo is playing an overtone flute. You can see Jarmo and his overtone flute in the following video:

Additional information

Nordic Mandolin is available for streaming and loading on the most well-known digital platforms.

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Guitarre-Solostücke by Josef Kellner (um 1900) – Bavarian Folk…

Recently I have added a scan with music for classical guitar to my website www.mandoisland.de as a free download.

The book is


Leicht arrangiert


Josef Kellner

Heft 4

This selection of guitar music has been published around 1900 in Munich. I do only own this part 4.

On the title page you can see a young guitar player – you can see that already around 1900 litle children did play the guitar:

I did not find much about Josef Kellner, the only reference that I have found is the following short biography from the archive of German Folk-Songs:

Josef Kellner (1854-1911) war ein Münchner Zitherlehrer und Komponist, der eigene Stücke schon ab 1886 im Selbstverlag veröffentlichte. …. Josef Kellner war ein typischer Komponist von Gebrauchsmusik: Nicht nur sein Opus 7 “Deutscher Schützenfestmarsch” findet sich in zahlreichen Notenhandschriften der Zitherspieler und wurde für andere Besetzungen (Salonmusik, Blasmusik) umgeschrieben, auch Landler und andere Kompositionen aus seiner Hand sind ins Repertoire der oberbayerischen Musikanten eingegangen.

Translation: Josef Kellner (1854-1911) was a teacher for zither and a composer in Munich who published his pieces from 1886 in his own publishing company. …Josef Kellner was a typical composer of popular music. Not only his Op. 7 “Deutscher Schützenfestmarsch” is found in many manuscripts of zither players and has been arranged for other groups (salon orchestra, brass band), but as well many of his Ländlers and other compositions have been included to the repertoir of the Bavarian musicians.

Source: http://www.volksmusik-archiv.de/vma/db_soechtenauer_luggi_marsch

The pieces in this book are quite easy to play and sound typically Bavarian. If you like to play typical Bavarian folk music you should download this book and try the pieces.

Two examples:

Example 1 – Das Stille Tal – Lied ohne Worte

(The quiet valley – Song without words)

Eample 2 – D’Sennerin – Alpenlied (Song from the Alpes)

Titel page

Joh. B. Westermair, München 12 was “Hoflieferant” (purveyor to the court) for  S.K.H. Prince Alfons of Bavaria and “Kammerlieferant” of  S. H. Prince Ludwig of  Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha.

Wikipedia Alfons von Bayern (* 24. Januar 1862 in München; † 8. Januar 1933 ebenda) : http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfons_von_Bayern

Wikipedia Ludwig von Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha (* 9. August 1845 auf Schloss Eu; † 14. September 1907 in Karlsbad): http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludwig_August_von_Sachsen-Coburg_und_Gotha

The complete book is available as free download on my website  www.mandoisland.de on page “Free Sheet Music”.