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Nigel Woodhouse presents the Mandolin

I have recently discovered this great video produced by the Philharmonia Orchestra from London (UK) with Nigel Woodhouse.

Nigel Woodhouse is a guitarist who does also play the mandolin, the banjo and other fretted instruments.

Nigel plays a Neapolitan (or Roman) mandolin based on a mandolin by Luigi Embergher and made for Nigel in 1993 by Japanese maker Yoshihiko Takusari. He also plays an A-style mandolin built by Mike Vanden. You can find some pictures of the two mandolins on Nigel’s website.

Nigel presents examples by Mozart, Mahler, Webern, Strawinsky, Prokofiev, Respighi and other important composers who used the mandolin in a symphony orchestra. He also shows the most important features and playing techniques of the mandolin.

Nigel Woodhouse – The Mandolin

In this film, Nigel Woodhouse introduces the mandolin. The mandolin has been used by many composers across the centuries to give special colour to the orchestra, often evoking folk music.

Additional information

youtube channel of the Philharmonia Orchestra London (UK)

Website Nigel Woodhouse

Nigel Woodhouse on Soundcloud

Website Philharmonia Orchestra London

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Oleg Videnov – Mandolin

I have just found this nice tune with variations played by Oleg Videnov from Sofia, Bulgaria on the mandolin.

Привечер-В.Хватов Performed by Oleg Videnov(mandolin) and Lachezar Videnov (guitar) 22.07.2009

Oleg Videnov has made several videos in his channel ovidenov.

This is another example – a serenade by Silvestri:


The last video that I have selected is a recording of the Moto Perpetuo by Raffaele calace, played with an ensemble with piano, guitar and double bass:

Moto Perpetueo – Raffaele Calace

Another arrangement of this virtuoso piece, arranged by Ralf Leenen for two mandolins, and played by Oleg Videnov and Ralf Leenen on Embergher mandolins can be found at:


Recommended mandolin book (Amazon partnerlink)

The Ultimate Mandolin Songbook: 26 Favorite Songs Arranged by Janet Davis (Book & Online Audio)

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Royal Estudiantina “La Napolitaine” – The Sound of the…

Ralf Leenen and the Royal Estudiantina “La Napolitaine” from Antwerpen have added four new videos from a concert given on November 7th in Edegem, Belgium. The members of this ensemble play instruments by the famous Luigi Embergher. The fantastic bright and clear sound of those instruments is very well recorded in the four videos.

Live performance at the St-Anthony church (Edegem, Belgium)
by Royal Estudiantina “La Napolitaine” (played on Embergher instruments):
mandolins: Ralf Leenen, Guy Lemière, Yuko Fujikura
mandola: Filip Lemière
mandoloncello: Florentina Claessen
guitar: Yvonne Azaert
double bass: Roland Timmerman
recorded: 7 November 2009.

SIBELIUS – Valse Triste (by Royal Estudiantina “La Napolitaine”)

GLUCK – Iphigenia in Aulis (Royal Estudiantina “La Napolitaine”)

LACOMBE – Aubade Printanière (Royal Estudiantina “La Napolitaine”): play Video

RANIERI – ValseCaprice (Ralf Leenen & Yvonne Azaert): play Video

Youtube channel Ralf Leenen:

Ralf Leenen and Barry Pratt have written a book about the Embergher mandolin, with detailed information about all the models built by Embergher and detailed pictures of many instruments. You can find detailed information about this book on the following page:

Homepage of the Royal Estudiantina “La Napolitaine” with informations about the history of this ensemble and many recordings of Embergher instruments:

All four videos in one playlist and some older videos with the Royal Estudiantina “La napolitaine”: