Mandolin Sheet Music published in London around 1900 – A Bunch of Old Sheet Music

I have recently bought a box of vintage sheet music from the UK – including 55 pieces for mandolin with piano, second mandolin, guitar, banjo. I am planning to make scans of this available in the future – but I think it might be interesting to see the covers of this collection to get an impression about the status of the mandolin around 1900.

Some of the pieces have a copyright date of 1897, and I think most of the pieces have been published before 1900.

I have made pictures of the covers or of the first page of the sheet music.

Mandolin Sheet Music published in London around 1900

Additional information

Leopoldo Francia sheet music available at musicaneo:

George H. Hucke sheet music available:

Ezra Read sheet music available

Herbert J. Ellis sheet music available

Alphons Czibulka sheet music available

W. J. Fletcher mandolin method available on my website:

Theo Bonheur (Charles Rawlings, 1857 – 1919) sheet music

Norton Greenop (1868 – 1930) sheet music

I am looking for detailed information about the other composers:



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