Chris Thile – Shadow Ridge – A Great Bluegrass Tune

Some time ago I bought a copy of the sheetmusic for Leading Off, Chris Thile‘s first CD. This CD has been published in 1994 when Chris Thile was just 13! It is fantastic what Chris Thile was able to play with 13!

Leading Off is the debut solo album by American newgrass mandolinist Chris Thile, released on September 25, 1994 by Sugar Hill Records.

Yesterday I began to learn the first tune in this book – Shadow Ridge. Shadow Ridge is a great bluegrass tune with interesting harmonies and playing techniques – a tune that isgreat to improve your playing skills. Especially the broken A-minor chord appeares in some places of the tune, chris Thile plays this in a way that produces a maximum of sound.

I have found two videos of this tune and the TABs – so you can listen to Sahdow Ridge and play it yourself if you want to!

Chris Thile – Shadow Ridge

A time lapse movie of the building of a garage – and with the music of Shadow Ridge as played by Chris Thile – unfortunately the music is not complet – but it is enough to hear the fantastic mandolin playing of the 13 year old Chris Thile!

Calgary Fiddlers – Shadow Ridge

The second video shows a fiddle group – the Calgary Fiddlers – who play Shadow Ridge with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

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Wikipedia about Chris Thile:

Tabs of  Chris Thile (tabledit format) and midi Files including Shadow Ridge:

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