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Remembering Butch Baldassari – The Fantastic Sound of the…

Almost one year has passed since Butch Baldassari died on January 10. In his latest BBC broadcast Mike Harding played a piece from the CD Travellers with Butch Baldassari, John Reischman and Robin Bullock, a very nice medley composed of the following three tunes:

The Old French / The Wise Maid / Swinging On A Gate

Butch Baldassari was a mandolin player who could play different styles from classical mandolin to folk and bluegrass. He built up the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble that plays great ensemble music. Here an example of a piece played by the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble with Butch Baldassari on lead mandolin with a very smooth tremolo:

Frangenti by Nashville Mandolin Ensemble

Filmed at Cafe Milano Nashville TN, Nashville Mandolin Ensemble performs this dynamic piece with Paul Martin Zonn conducting. Butch Baldassari plays lead Mandolin.

I have compiled a playlist with several videos with Butch Baldassari, a nice selection by a great mandolin player with a fantastic sound. This playlist starts with another medley of some nice tunes played on mandolin, dulcimer and guitar.

Playlist Butch Baldassari

More Information

Homepage: http://www.butchbaldassari.com/

Interview with Butch Baldassari: http://www.mandozine.com/resources/CGOW/baldassari.php

Obituary Butch Baldassari: http://doppelstopp.wordpress.com/2009/01/13/butch-lehrt-weiter/

Obituary Butch Baldassari: http://www.bluegrassjournal.com/2009/01/13/noted-mandolinist-butch-baldassari-dies/

The three tunes from the medley from the  CD Travellers at www.thesession.org:

The Old French: http://www.thesession.org/tunes/display/1296

The Wise Maid: http://www.thesession.org/tunes/display/118

Swinging on a Gate: http://www.thesession.org/tunes/display/236

Videos with the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%22nashville+mandolin+ensemble%22&aq=f


Fraunhofer Saitenmusik – Magic Strings – Hackbrett / Hammered…

The time around christmas is a time to listen to music like the music by this German group – the Fraunhofer Saitenmusik. The group is named after a location, an old guesthouse in Munich and was founded in 1978 by Heidi Zink and Richard Kurländer

Das »Fraunhofer« – eines der ältesten und schönsten Wirtshäuser Münchens – hat bei der Namensgebung der »Fraunhofer Saitenmusik « im Jahr 1978 Pate gestanden.

Hier haben sich Heidi Zink und Richard Kurländer kennengelernt  und die »Fraunhofer Saitenmusik « gegründet.  Zusammen mit dem Bassisten Gerhard Zink hat dieses Trio – zwischenzeitlich auch immer wieder mit dem Gitarristen Michael Klein zum Quartett verstärkt – seit nunmehr drei Jahrzehnten den Status einer musikalischen Institution.

The group uses traditional instruments from the Bavarian folklore, especially the Hackbrett, a hammered dulcimer, the harp, the guitar, recorder and double bass. The repertoir includes traditional music from Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, own compositions and old music like the following Hoboeckentanz by Tilman Susato recorded more than 20 years ago in 1986:

Fraunhofer Saitenmusik Hoboeckentanz (1986)


The group has recorded many CDs, including some special CDs for winter and christmas time. The arrangements of the Fraunhofer Saitenmusik are very special and very beautiful and create a very magic atmosphere.

I have collected the videos that I have found in the following playlist – just relax and enjoy the music!

Addtional information

Homepage: Fraunhofer Saitenmusik

Wikipedia: Hammered Dulcimer

CD recommendation (Amazon partenerlink)

Nordsud – Fraunhofer Saitenmusik

Fraunhofer Saitenmusik zur Weihnachtszeit Christmas Music