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Abbate Ranieri Capponi – Sonata 8 for Mandolin and…

One of my favorite Baroque pieces for mandolin and guitar is the Sonata 8 by Abbate Ranieri Capponi. I have found videos with Katsia Prakopcyk, Marissa Carroll, Natalia Marashova, Camilla Finardi and Sebastián Vera at youtube. You can also download a podcast with a recording by Caterina Lichtenberg  from the site of the Spanish Radio RTVE.

  • Duo La Corda: Katsia Prakopchyk, mandolin, Jan Skryhan, guitar
  • Natalia Marashova – Barock Mandolin, Denis Ivanov – Harpsichord.
  • ‘PlettroMano’ (https://www.facebook.com/PlettroMano) – Marissa Carroll and Joel Woods
  • Duo “Le Gentil Dame”: Mandolino: Camilla Finardi, Violoncello: Daniela Santamaura.
  • Sebastián Vera (bandola) y Luis Hernández (guitarra) aus Kolumbien

Playliste Sonata 8 – Abbate Ranieri Capponi

Podcast with Caterina Lichtenberg and Mirko Schrader (Duetto Giocondo) – Spanish Radio RTVE

SIGNORELLI: Sonata para mandolina y laúd (9’20”).

CAPPONI: Sonata para mandolina y laúd (11’17”). Duetto Giocondo.


Jacopo Gianninoto and Luca Chiavinato – Exciting Projects with…

Jacopo Gianninoto is an Italian lutenist, guitarist and composer. I have found some pictures of a lute and baroque guitar in his tumblr. He currently works as a teacher for guitar and lute at the Assumption University in Bangkok.

He is currently a Full-Time Lute and Guitar lecturer and Special Advisor for the Department of Music Performance at the Assumption University of Bangkok, Thailand and collaborates with several international music institutions.

I have followed his links and watched some videos from his youtube channel and I have discovered some very interesting and exciting projects. The projects were realized in Bangkok, but also in Italy, mostly there were performances that combined music, dance, art, theater and literature. This is a video from the Baroque Me Baby project:


Jacopo Gianninoto: Baroque Guitar //
Sasapin Siriwanij: Performer //
Komtham Domrongchareon: Viola Da Gamba //
Nichada Jirawattanaphan: Percussions //
November 3rd, 2012


Another project is presented in the following video:

Infinite Musings on Infinite Space

Jacopo Gianninoto
Nana Dakin
Sasapin Siriwanij
@ The Space Bangkok Art Gallery
September 21, 2013
Video by Voraprada Voratananchai and Peeranat Choodoung

I think it is very exciting to use the ancient instruments like lute and baroque guitar in very modern performances. I recommend that you visit the blog of Jacopo Gianninoto and the youtube channel. On the website you can find several recordings of lute music as free downloads.

Additional Information

tumblr: http://jacophotos.tumblr.com/

youtube channel Jacopo Gianninoto: http://www.youtube.com/user/ajaanjacopo

youtube channel Luca Chiavinato: http://www.youtube.com/user/lucachia

Website Jacopo Gianninoto: http://jacopo.gianninoto.it/

Free downloads: http://jacopo.gianninoto.it/downloads

Blog of Jacopo Gianninoto: http://www.retrogarde.net/

Wikipedia about Jacopo Gianninoto: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacopo_Gianninoto

Guitar Method by Eduard Bayer - Cover historical instruments

Eduard Bayer – A Guitar Method of the 19th…

Recently I have made a scan of a guitar method by Eduard Bayer and added it to my score catalogue at musicaneo.com.

Eduard Bayer was a guitar virtuoso and composer of the 19th century. He played a special guitar with 10 strings, an early version of the harp-guitar. I have found the following video of a performance of the Souvenir d’Amour by Eduard Bayer played by Brian Torosian on a reproduction of a guitar like the one played by Eduard Bayer:

Brian Torosian performs Bayer’s Souvenir d’amour on 10-string Harp Guitar

Dr. Brian Torosian performs “Souvenir d’amour (Fantasie Brillante), Op. 22” by Eduard Bayer (1822-1908) on an R. E. Brune reproduction of a classic 1850’s Scherzer 10-string harp guitar at the 8th Harp Guitar Gathering November 13, 2010.
I believe this is the first-ever recording of this virtuoso harp guitar piece.
Video copyright 2010 The Harp Guitar Foundation
If you enjoyed this video, please visit Harpguitars.net and support our non-profit work.

Some notes about the life of Edward Bayer can be found in the famous book  “The Guitar and Mandolin” by Bone (click any image to open gallery):

The guitar method does also contain some notes and reviews (in German) – here is the cover and the notes from my scan of the guitar method – (click any image to open gallery):

Another source for information about Eduard Bayer is the book “Materialien zu einer Geschichte der Guitarre und ihre Meister mit Abbildungen von Eduard Fack. Berlin 1884.” (in German). The PDF is available from the  Website of the luthier Martin Hurrtig. (http://www.lautenbau-leipzig.de/projekte.html)

Additonal Information

Website Brian Torosian

The guitar method by Eduard Bayer at musicaneo

Link collection about  Eduard Bayer


Free Sheet Music by Eduard Bayer in the Danish Royal Library:

Bayer, Eduard Sechs Ländler: für zwei Guitarren, Op. 37.

Bayer, Eduard Souvenir d’amour: fantaisie brillante pour la guitarre seule à 10 ou 6 cordes, Op. 22 / par Ed. Bayer

Bayer, Eduard Souvenir d’Ems: 6 Laendler pour deux guitarres, Op. 23. / par Ed. Bayer

Bayer, Eduard Le repertoire du guitarriste / composés par Ed. Bayer: morceaux modernes et non difficiles ; cah. 1

Bayer, Eduard Sechs Ländler: für zwei Guitarren, Op. 37


The “Luteduo” Anna Kowalska and Anton Birula plays Works…

The Luteduo with Anna Kowalska and Anton Birula plays works on two lutes and also on baroque guitar and theorbo, a combination that sounds very well together.

This is the famous Canarios by Gaspar Sanz played on baroque guitar and theorbo:

CANARIOS www.luteduo.com


Anna KOWALSKA baroque guitar
Anton BIRULA theorbo

Gaspar Sanz CANARIOS performed by LUTEDUO – a fantasy compilation … if Sanz ever met Bach…. The famous Canarios is intercepted by themes from J.S. Bach cello suites Nr 4 and 6


In the next piece, a Ciaccona by Alessandro Piccinini, Anna Kowalska starts with a kind of tapping technique similar to the technique used on electric guitars:

CIACCONA www.luteduo.com

Alessandro Piccinini
Ciaccona in Partite Variate

www.luteduo.com Antoine Forqueray, La Morangis ou la Plissay

A Chaconne by Antoine Forqueray performed as a duo for baroque guitar and theorbo by Anna Kowalska & Anton Birula

Additional Information

youtube playlist with more videos of the Luteduo: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9F14DBA09F84CE16

From the biography found on the homepage of the Luteduo:

Anna Kowalska studied lute with Toyohiko Satoh, Nigel North and Joachim Held at the Royal Concervatory in The Hague, The Netherlands. Having been educated as a classical guitarist as well, Anna has covered a vast repertoire from the Renaissance to late Baroque including 19th century repertoire for historical guitar.

Anton Birula has studied the lute with Prof. Toyohiko Satoh at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague and with Prof. Konrad Junghaenel at the Hochschule fur Musik in Cologne. With his concentration on the extant solo literature for the Baroque lute Anton Birula has performed numerous lute recitals featuring music of J.S.Bach, S.L. Weiss and French lutenists. His special interests were transcriptions of J.S. Bach suites for solo cello and violin sonatas and partitas for the Baroque lute.

youtube channel Luteduo: http://www.youtube.com/user/LUTEDUO

Homepage: www.luteduo.com

Wikipedia about Gaspar Sanz (en.): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaspar_Sanz

Sheet music of Gaspar Sanz on the J. F. Delcamp site: http://www.delcamppartiturasparaguitarra.com/gasparsanz.html

article about Gaspar Sanz and the baroque guitar (German): http://www.gitarrenmagazin.de/musikwissen/61-gaspar-sanz-und-die-barockgitarre

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