The Baroque Guitar – Rob MacKillop shows his Strumming Technique

Recently I have listened to many video clips from a great playlist that I have found – a playlist about the baroque guitar, the lute and other baroque instruments.

One of the many great videos that I have listened to was a clip by Rob MacKillop who first plays a tarantella piece and afterwards explains some of the strumming techniques that he uses. This music sounds very modern, especially with the strumming.

Obviously the popular music of this time has found its way to the compositions and arrangements by musicians like Gaspar Sanz who has set one of the greatest hits of that time – Canarios – for the baroque guitar.

Strumming Tips for Baroque Guitar

Somebody asked me how I strum, so here is a rough performance of the Terantela from the Coimbra MS and an explanation of what I’m doing. The original has only one line of chords: C G C G F E Am but I introduce it with the chords which underlie the punteado part: Am G C G Am E Am. Only the first punteado part is original, to which I added four other diferencias – basic stuff.

This is not the dainty repicco found in some publications, so whether it is ‘authentic’ or not, well, who can say?

This is the link to the complete playlist by youtube user lorod with more than 80 instersting video clips with many interesting pieces for the baroque instruments. Just listen to the music and let you be surprised!

Playlist Baroque Guitar and Lute

Baroque guitar and lute von user  lorod

Additional Information

youtube chanel of Rob McKillop:

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