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Madison Violet – Folk Duo from Toronto

The latest podcast from Radio Canada Live is a recording frm a concert given by the Canadia singer/songwriter duo Madison Violet in the Hugh’s Room in Toronto.

Madison Violet has just released their Album No Fool. And they were named ‘Vocal Group of the Year’ at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. They also just won the Grand Prize in the folk category of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest!

Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac play guitars, fiddle and mandolin to accompany their singing.

The folowing text is taken from their website:

Both hailing from Scottish small towns in Canada, Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac have chosen another musical path; one that channels their parent’s vintage record collection that comprised of the likes of Neil Young and Dolly Parton. Madison Violet came to be nearly 9 years ago after a chance meeting at an appropriately titled restaurant ‘The Green Room’. Since that fateful meeting, the pair have come into a sound of their own, which has been described as both city-folk and tumbleweed pop.

The first video is a compilation beginning with childhood photos and tels the story of this duo up to the latest album recording session.

Madison Violet EPK No Fool for Trying

Here are two videos of a concert in Switzerland, in the first you can hear the song Small of my Heart, which is accompanied by guitar and mandolin, and in which the audience is animated to sing along with the duo:

Small Of My Heart by Madison Violet @ musig im ochsen, Muri – Switzerland

The second song Baby in the black is played with fiddle and guitar:

Baby In The Black & White by Madison Violet @ musig im ochsen, muri – switzerland

Madison Violet at Gilmour Street Music Hall – Skylight

Lisa MacIsaac, Brenley MacEachern and bassist Adrian Lawryshyn share their harmonies and a laugh with the audience, with this song from their album “No Fool for Trying”. Performed at the Gilmour Street Music Hall in August 2009.

Addtional information

Homepage Madison Violet: http://www.madisonviolet.com/

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Chantal Kreviazuk – At the Jackson-Triggs Estate Amphitheatre

On the CBC concerts on demand page currently a concert with Canadian singer/songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk was featured. I was immediatly fascinated by the performance of Chantal Kreviazuk. She has a great voice and sings the songs with a lot of power and feeling.

The concert was recorded on Jun. 27, 2009 at the Jackson-Triggs Amphitheatre, Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON

Chantal played the piano to accompany herself, and was supported by Kevin Fox on the cello and Karen Graves on the violin. I have the impression, that this concert was really a great event

Chantal Kreviazuk has now become one of Canada’s top music artists. Her performance at the Jackson-Triggs Estate Amphitheatre was sold out but Canada Live was there to record the magic as Chantal presented songs from her latest release called “Plain Jane”, along with some past favourites. Joining Chantal that night was Kevin Fox on cello and Karen Graves on violin.

Download of this concert has been removed in the meantime – you can listen to my youtube playlist instead:

It is not possible to embed the official videos, but I have found some good live videos:

Chantal Kreviazuk – “Surrounded” (Live)

Time – Chantal Kreviazuk @ Eaton Centre

Additional information

Homepage: http://www.chantalkreviazuk.com/

youtube channel with many official music videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/ChantalKreviazuk


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Since We Met: The Best of 1996-06 – Chantal Kreviazuk