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Talilele – Mixed Ukulele and Mandolin-Orchestra from Kobe /…

When I looked for other videos of the Kansai Mandolin Ensemble I found the following video of a group named Talilele of 27 players with mandolins, ukuleles and other plucked instruments.

Something Unexpected: Talilele

This group is composed of 27 players of ukuleles, cigar box ukues, mandolins, mandolas, banjo and some Japanese instruments and reminds me very much to the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. The sound is great and the energy of the group is fantastic.

The next video includes a lot of percussion played on the instruments:

Jyounetu Tairiku Cover Practice Talilele ukulele Orchestra

This last une was composed by the Japanese violin player Taro Hakase.

You can find a video of this with Taro Hakase & Iwao Furusawa – Jounetsu Tairiku

I have found some other videos of this group and made a playlist with all videos:

Talilele on Myspace

The group Talilele  has a Myspace page too: where I have found the following description of Talilele:

“TALILELE”, the ukulele orchestra in Kobe, was formed by the complete beginner players in October 2006. Almost 2’n half years have passed since then and you can’t call us beginners any more! (may be)Well, technically speaking, we are still far away from master of UKE, indeed. However, our love for music, overnight tender tough trainings by our concert master, AND bunch of liqure have been making amateur players “performers”, we believe. Wow! Hope to see you someday & somewhere. Thank you for keep encouragings!


Juggling with Musical Instruments – Ukulele and Mandolin

Ukuleles and mandolins are small instruments, and they behave similar to the clubs used for juggling. So it is no surprise, that ukuleles and mandolins are used for juggling tricks.

Warning: Do not try those tricks with your expensive vintage koa ukulele – if you want to learn this you should try to get some very cheap ukuleles 😉

The German duo extra art has a very special trick with a total of 6 ukuleles. The two jugglers juggle with the ukes and at the same time play the tune Asturias on the instruments. It is almost unbelievable, but you can see it in the following video:


David Cain has made a video with some ukulele juggling trick for the Bushman Ukulele Contest:

David Cain: Ukulele Juggling Tricks

A video with a juggler using a mandolin can be found in the online archive of British Pathé:


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Julia Nunes – Youtube Ukulele Queen

my name is Julia, and I love the ukulele….

well it started off as just me playing and singing with the uke….

then things got out of control

Julia Nunes has a very successful youtube channel. She has started about two years ago to sing songs with her ukulele and make videos. She has used all the possibilities of the video editing software to make interesting and good sounding, and sometimes very funny  videos with her versions of oldies and pop songs as well as of own compositions.

Now her youtube channel jaaaaaaa has got more than 200000 subscribers, and her videos got millions of views. And she has already produced her own CD and played own concerts and for ukulele festivals.

I like viewing those videos, and if you like it too the you can find more in her youtube channel.

Build me Up, Buttercup on Ukulele

Julia Nunes at Uke Fest ’09

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Sesame Street – The Broken Ukulele

40 years sesame street – broken ukulele

And now the original movie about the letter U:

Sesame Street – Ernie Presents the Letter U

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