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Music Fest of the BDZ Hessen 2009 – Mandolin…

In June 2009 the German Association for mandolin orchestras BDZ, district Hessen, had its music fest in Schlitz. Several videos of this event are available at youtube with interesting performances of some of the best mandolin orchestras in Germany.

There are several videos available with the mandolin orchestra of Hessen (Hessisches Zupforchester). The orchestra is conducted by Oliver Kälberer who ist known for his excellent work with orchestras. Oliver Kälberer has arranged an Intermezzo by Johannes Brahms for mandolin orchestra:

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) Intermezzo in Es-Dur op. 117, Nr. 1, bearb.: Oliver Kälberer

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) Intermezzo in Es-Dur op. 117, Nr. 1, bearb. von Oliver Kälberer

The youth mandolin orchestra of Hessen (JZOH) has also played some interesting pieces. The first piece is an arrangement of a piece by Peter Maxwell Davies, Farewell to Stromness. I know this piece from a CD with the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (a video of this version is also availble at youtube), but the version for mandolin orchestra, arranged by Frank Wittstock, is also very beautiful.

Jugendzupforchester Hessen JZOH – Farewell to Stromness

(the video shows a different and incorrect title, obviously the program had been changed, which has not been recognized by the author of the video).

Here is a second example, a piece by Astor Piazzolla:

Tango Apasionada gespielt vom JZOH am Landesmusikfest 2009 vom BDZ Hessen

Jugendzupforchester unter Leitung von Sabine Geis mit dem Titel “Tango Apasionada” von Astor Piazzolla, bearbeitet von Sabine Geis im Rahmen des Landesmusikfestes 2009 vom BDZ Hessen

More videos of his music fest are available in the youtube channel 60erklaus http://www.youtube.com/user/60erklaus

More resources

Homepage of the music fest “Landesmusikfest 2009” with the programs and information about the orchestras (German):

Hessisches Zupforchester (German): http://www.hzo.de/

Jugendzupforchester Hessen JZOH (German): http://www.jzoh.de/old/index.html

Youtube channel of 60erklaus: http://www.youtube.com/user/60erklaus

Homepage of Oliver Kälberer: http://www.ok-music.de/

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Ariane Lorch – Mozart Songs with Mandolin – Youth…

Yesterday I found a blog about a new CD with all songs by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Naxos. This CD does also include a recording of the song Die Zufriedenheit with mandolin accompaniment. The mandolin part is played by Ariane Lorch:

Die Zufriedenheit: Was frag ich viel nach
Geld und Gut, KV 349**

The blog does also include a player to play this Mozart song at the end! Here is the link to this blog (German):


Ariane Zernecke-Lorch is a German mandolin player and teacher. She has published a mandolin method (Mein erstes Mandolinenbuch) for children and other music. She is teaching for the mandolin orchestra in Wickenrode where she has established a system to teach children of very young age. All the children start playing with the orchestra after short time. Special mandolins for children and special strings have also been developped.

The following video shows Ariane Lorch conducting the youth mandolin orchestra of Wickenrode at the music fest of the BDZ (plucked strings association) of Hessen in 2009:

Jugendorchester Wickenrode – Auszug aus “10 leichte Stücke”

Aufnahme vom Jugendorchester Wickenrode anlässlich des Landesmusikfestes vom BDZ Hessen 2009. Leitung Ariane Zernecke-Lorch

Here is another video of the same group:

Jugendorchester Wickenrode – Conjuration

In the following video two players from Wickenrode who won a price in the German contest for young instrumentalists “Jugend Musiziert” play the beginning of the Andante con Variazioni by Ludwig van Beethoven in a version for mandolin and guitar:

Jugend musiziert Preisträger von dem MO Wickenrode

Other Resources:

Ariane Lorch at Naxos: http://www.naxos.com/artistinfo/Ariane_Lorch/65716.htm

Homepage Ariane Zernecke-Lorch: http://www.duo-lorch.com/ und http://www.duo-lorch.com/duolorch.html

Homepage of the Mandolinen- und Gitarrenverein 1923 Wickenrode:

Youtube channel with more mandolin orchestra videos from the musicfest in Hessen 2009: http://www.youtube.com/user/60erklaus


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Mandolin Orchestra La Orden de la Terraza – Logrono…

The mandolin orchestra La Orden de la Terraza from Logrono (Spain) gave a concert with the winning compositions of the competition for composition of the city of Logrono 2008.

The whole concert is now available at youtube. At the beginning of the concert some compositions from the previous competitions were played.

Concierto presentación fallo del jurado del Concurso internacional de composición para formaciones de plectro “Ciudad de Logroño” 2009. Auditórium del ayuntamiento de Logroño el 21 de diciembre de 2009.

This concert is a good possibility to hear some new compositions for mandolin orchestra.



Fantasía para guitarra y orquesta by  Javier Riba – 1er Premio concurso internacional de composición “Ciudad de Logroño” 2004.

Solo-guitar: Francisco Sagredo


by Carlos Blanco – 2º premio concurso internacional de composición “Ciudad de Logroño” 2006

cadenza: Marina Cerrajería (bandurria)


by Mirko Schrader – 3rd price of the comeptition “Ciudad de Logroño” 2008

1.- Overture
2.- Melancolía
3.- Rondó


by Javier Villafuerte – 2nd price of the comeptition “Ciudad de Logroño” 2008

1.- Deciso – Cantabile
2.- Legato – Rítmico
3.- Legato


by Luigi Salamon – 1st price of the comeptition “Ciudad de Logroño” 2008

Transition for mandolin orchestra by Luigi Salmon


by José Manuel Expósito

Playlist with the complete concert:


Homepage of the orchestra La Orden de la Terraza with more information: http://www.laordendelaterraza.com/

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Orchestra mandolinistica di Lugano – Palladio by Karl Jenkins…

The ‘Orchestra mandolinistica di Lugano’ (Ticino, southern Switzerland) is probably the best mandolin orchestra in Switzerland today. More than 40 pieces played by this mandolin orchestra are available as youtube videos, including original traditional Italian mandolin music by Calace, Munier or Mezzacapo, original compositions for the modern mandolin orchestra like the Capriccio by Hans Gal and the important Suite No. 6 by Hermann Ambrosius, arrangements of famous pieces like the Radetzky march, the Pink Panther Theme or West Side Story, pieces by Karl Jenkins or Hans Badelt, solo concertos for guitar, oboe and harp, and also typical folk music from different countries like Brazil, Venezuela or Italy.

Many of the arrangements were made for this orchestra by Mauro Pacchin who has been conducting this orchestra since 1990 and who has also composed some new pieces for this orchestra.

The ‘Orchestra mandolinistica di Lugano’ (Ticino, southern Switzerland) was founded in 1990 and is conducted by Mauro Pacchin ever since. About 30 amateur musicians play in 6 different sections. The orchestra performed over 360 concerts in Switzerland and abroad and produced 9 CDs. The youth orchestra ‘OML Junior’, conducted by Nicola Bühler, features ‘under20’ members; some of them also play in the major orchestra.

I have selected some videos for this thread – if you like those you should go to the youtube channel of the OML to find all the other videos.

Palladio; Karl Jenkins (1944)

Suite N°6 /1; Hermann Ambrosius (1897-1983)

Suite N°6 /2; Hermann Ambrosius (1897-1983)

Capriccio per orchestra a plettro; Hans Gal (1890-1987)

Read more “Orchestra mandolinistica di Lugano – Palladio by Karl Jenkins / Hermann Ambrosius / Hans Gal”