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The Mandoloncello – The best Videos from Japan

The mandoloncello (or mandocello) is regularly used in most of the mandolin orchestras in Japan. So I have recently collected some interesting mandoloncello videos and want to present the best videos from Japan in this post.

A side effect of the regular use of the mandoloncello in the mandolin orchestras is that there are many players who are using the mandoloncello also as a solo instrument. And there are also groups like the quartet of four mandoloncellos as you can see further below.

Atsushi Ichikawa has arranged many pieces for the mandoloncello and he has composed his own pieces too. Most of the pieces seem to be popular songs and music from computer games. Atsushi Ichikawa makes great use of special sounds and percussion effects.

Atsushi Ichikawa – Mandoloncello player

youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/revirytic/videos

愛をとりもどせ!!(クリスタルキング) Mandoloncello solo

Take Back the love! (Crystal King) Mandoloncello solo

It is the theme song of the anime of old called Fist of the North Star. Always something I’m sorry only Anison (laughs)

A duo for mandola and mandoloncello can be found in the youtube channel of todorokigentaro.

Youtube Channel of todorokigentaro

Duo Mandola and Mandoloncello

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Great Video Clips with Oliver Waitze, Marijke and Michiel…

Some great video clips from a recent concert with Oliver Waitze, Marijke and Michiel Wiesenekker and special guest Tim Connell:

WOW, what a wonderful evening with great musicians and a wild audiance!!
The concert was on 13th July at the New Acoustic Gallery (www.n-a-g.net) in Germany.
The whole concert was also filmed. Watch out for some video clips in the near future.

Mando Nuevo is:

Oliver Waitze: Guitar, Mandocello and Mandolin
Marijke Wiesenekker: Mandolin, Bass
Michiel Wiesenekker: Guitar, Bass and Vocals

and special guest on this evening: Mr. Tim Connell on mandolin!!

Oliver Waitze played mandolin, guitar and a great Weber mandocello in this concert, Tim Connell played his Arrow mandolin by luthier Paul Lestock from Mosier/Oregon.

Website New Acoustic Gallery: http://n-a-g.info/

Videos clips and some nice pictures can be found on page “News”!

A review and some information about tim Connell: http://doppelstopp.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/pfeil-im-koffer/

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Five Mandolins – A Special Performance at the Art…

Some time ago I have found a video with five mandolins playing together, probably when I searched for videos with Mike Marshall who was one of the five mandolin players.

Now I have found that there are four videos from this special performance, I have collected all 4 in my playlist. In the 3rd and 4th video Mike Marshall takes his mandocello to add some lower notes to the group.

The pieces they play are Gold Rush, Jerusalem Ridge, Cedar Hill and the Beaumont Rag (if I am right).

Enjoy this rare performance of five mandolins!

Mando Magic at The Art of Sound Music Festival

From Left to right: Dr. Bobby Jones, Darin Aldridge, Josh Pinkham, Mike Marshall, Wayne Benson.


Mike Marshall and Chris Thile – Live Duets

I have just listened to this great set of duets played by Mike Marshall and Chris Thile.

This is great music, Mike Marshall and Chris Thile are real masters of the mandolin and mandocello.

You can listen to the videos from a woodsongs concert.

Enjoy this fantastic Live Duets with Mike Marshall and Chris Thile!

Playlist – Mike Marshall and Chris Thile – Live Duets