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Mandolin and Ukulele – A Japanese Duo

Some time ago I have discovered this duo from Japan that plays a nice selection of  music with mandolin and ukulele.

For each video a special setup has been installed for the video, showing a special toy, a plant or like in the following video a drink:

Ukulele × Mandolin – MOLIENDO CAFE (コーヒールンバ)

Ukulele × Mandolin – 島人ぬ宝

BEGIN “Shimanchu nu Takara(=Treasure)” on the ukulele and mandolin.
Wish to keep our “treasures” on this islands eternally….

Playlist Ukulele & Mandolin Duo

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East River String Band – Robert Crumb on Mandolin…

Yesterday I have listened to another program of the Antique Gramophone Music Program with Mac – a program with a live band.

Actually the East River String Band was represented by its two leaders Eden Brower and John Heneghan. This duet is regularly enlarged by several other musicians for concerts.

Eden & John’s East River String Band

Here is the information from the homepage of the East River String Band with the most important information:

Drawing from the vast spectrum of traditional American country blues music, Eden & John’s East River String Band create some of the most authentic sounding renditions of songs from the 1920’s and early 30’s. Focusing on both well known, and lesser known country blues and some popular music of this era, their love and deep reverence for this music shines through in every song. Founded in 2006 the New York City based duo have released three albums and toured the US Canada and Europe. The group’s two leader’s are Eden Brower(vocals, ukulele, guitar), and John Heneghan(vocals, guitar, mandolin).

They often have additional musicians join the group such as underground comic / old-time music legend Robert Crumb, stride pianist Terry Waldo(Leon Redbone/ Woody Allen), multi-instrumentalist Dom Flemons (The Carolina Chocolate Drops), Pat Conte (The Otis Brothers, The Secret Museum Of Mankind), Robert Armstrong (The Cheap Suit Serenaders), Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton and Eli Smith (Down Home Radio Live, The Dust Busters).

Their last two releases “Drunken Barrel House Blues” and “Some Cold Rainy Day” both feature classic artwork by R. Crumb. “Some Cold Rainy Day” was chosen as one of David Fricke’s picks of the month of November, 2008 in Rolling Stone Magazine. Fricke writes, “Eden & John’s East River String Band cover black country blues from the 78-rpm era with crisp fervor and a natural flair that suggests loving study and a respect for the hard lives and flight for joy on the original records”.

Eden Brower mostly plays a National resonator ukulele, and John Heneghan loves his old Kay guitar.

Robert Crumb – the famous artist known especially for his comics – has made the CD covers and posters for  East River String Band – some examples can be found on the following page:

The lastest CD by the East River String Band will be published in March 2011.

This is the link to the  Antique Phonograph Music Programthe East River String BandEden Bower and John Heneghan were the special guest on Dec. 14th 2011:

In the second part of the program you can hear one piece with the host Mac playing the singing saw together with Eden and John!

Some selected videos bythe  East River String Band – enjoy!

“Allen Bros Rag” Robert Crumb & East River String Band

“Tell It To Me” Robert Crumb & East River String Band

Mississippi John Hurt Ain’t No Tellin’ Skip James Son House Sleepy John Estes make me a pallet on your

Playlist East River String Band

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youtube channel:

youtube channel Eden Brower:

newspaper articel (German) in the FAZ about Robert Crumb:

Wikipedia about Robert Crumb:

Wikipedia (Engl.) about Robert Crumb:

Interview with Robert Crumb:


Coconami – A Japanese-Bavarian Ukulele Project – New CD…

Coconami is the name of a ukulele duo from Munich – two musicians from Japan who present themselves on their myspace page like this:

coconami = two Japanese stranded in Munich Germany coconami has left Rock’n’Roll behind and simply wants to please, in a pure and simple way. two ukuleles, one vocalist.
(Nami) twitters like a bird, just more beautifully.
(Miyaji) swapped his electric guitar for a sweet-sounding Ukulele

Coconami are playing a broad selection of songs from Hawaii, Japan, Bavaria and other parts of the world. On some of their song the Bavarian singer Ferdl Schuster joins the duo with his typical Bavarian singing style.

The 3rd CD Ensoku by Coconami was released by Trikont

Article by radio station (German, with translation to Englsh):

Die Mischung ist ein Erfolgsrezept: bayerisch-japanisch. Oder anders: Zwei Ukulelen, eine Stimme. Ab und an wird das Instrumentarium aufgestockt mit Kalimba, Tenorflöte oder gar einer leiernden Spieluhr. Sanfte, launige, anmutige Musik. Einmal auf bayerisch, einmal japanisch, gerne auch Coverversionen wie vom Ramones-Hit “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” und altehrwürdige bayerische G’stanzl.

The mixture is the rule for success: Bavarian-Japanese. Or: two ukuleles – one voice. Sometimes a kalimba, recorder, Glockenspiel or an old music box is added. Soft and sweet music. One song in Bavarian language, the next song in Japanese. Then a cover version of rock songs like “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” by the Ramones. And again an old and traditional Bavarian folk song – a G’stanzl.

Nami, die zarte Stimme des Duos, hat eine lückenlose Musikervita. Sie hat mit vier Jahren Klavierspielen angefangen, sodann ihre Vorliebe fürs Singen entdeckt. Es folgen unzählige Jahre im Schulchor und schließlich ein Gesangsstudium in Japan. Verliebt in deutsche klassische Musik wird ihr klar: Sie muss hier her! In München studiert Nami Musiktherapie, hier stolpert sie über die Liebe fürs bayerische Volkstum und den Dialekt.

Nami, the soft voice of the duo, has made music all of her life. She began to play the piano with 4 and then discovered her love for singing. For many years she sang in the school choir and finally studied singing in Japan. She fell in love with the classical music from Germany and decided to move to this country. In Munich she has studied music therapy and discovered the Bavarian life and folklore.

Miyaji, groß und schlaksig, ist der zweite Teil des Duos. Der gelernte Bäcker ist der Kerl für die virtuosen Ukulelenlänge bei Coconami. Als sein Meister in Japan aber ständig von den tausenden Sorten Schwarzbrot in Deutschland geschwärmt hat, hat Miyaji kurzerhand seine Koffer gepackt.

Miyaji, tall and lanky, is the second part of the duo. He was a baker, but now he is responsible for the virtuos ukulele sound of Coconami. When his master in Japan talked permanently about the hundreds of different brown breads in Germany Miyaji decided to come to Germany.

Coconami – Fee der Uke – (Fairy of the Uke)

Isarmärchen “coconami Album Trikont / Indigo US0385”

A Bavarian fairy tale about the river Isar

Konzert vom 25.04.2009, im Substanz , Coconami ;Nami und Miyaji,Ferdl Schuster,Komponist: Ludwig Prell ; siehe auch Bally Prell, adolf seeburger, zentrum für landesgestaltung,

coconami: ramones: sheena is a punk rocker

Playliste Coconami

Additional information

pictures and videos from the CD release party:

Homepage with pictures, movies, a streaming radio and more information:

Myspace page Coconami:

youtube channel miyaji:

Newspaper article (German) Frankfurter Rundschau:

Review of the new CD (German):

Review at with a freee song for download (German):



The Jumping Fleas Ukulele Band – Norway – Music…

Music is a littlebit – Image is everything!

This three piece ukulele band from Norway has 4 nice videos. I have not found more information about this band, so just enjoy the videos of the Jumping Fleas:

The Jumping Fleas ukulele band – Teaser

The Jumping Fleas ukulele band – Aksjon

The Jumping Fleas ukulele band – Kjerringa


Additional information about the Jumping Fleas