Francesco Mammola – Mandolin Player from Italy – Mandolin Concertos and Italian Music

Francesco Mammola is a young mandolin player from Italy. He has studied in Aquila and has passed with distinction in 2015. His favorite instrument is the mandolin, but he plays the piano and the accordion as well.

During the last years he has given many concerts in Italy and whole Europe. Last year he gave a concert at the festival “Le strade d‘Europa” in Lithuania. The videos made by the local TV station are available at youtube with mandolin concertos by Caudioso, Giuliano and Vivaldi.

Playliste Francesco Mammola und Čiurlionis Quartet

Francesco Mammola, mandolin

Nijolė Dorotėja Beniušytė, harpsichord


Jonas Tankevičius (I Violin)

Darius Dikšaitis (II Violin)

Gediminas Dačinskas (Viola)

Saulius Lipčius (Violoncello)

Filmed at the 9th International Music Festival “Le strade d‘Europa”, 12th November 2017, Vilnius

Francesco Mammola is very active as a mandolin teacher and director of youth ensembles like the Giovane Orchestra Pescolana.

In the following video he plays the famous song Tu vuò fà l’americano by Renato Carrosone to present the mandolin:

Tu vuò fà l’americano

I have made a large playlist with videos with Francesco Mammola. The playlist starts with the videos of a concert given in November 2016. Mammola plays the mandolin together with clarinet, bossoon and piano. The play Italian music with works by Ennio Morricone, Rossini, music from the movie La Vita è Bella, Carneval of Venice, a potpourri with Neapolitan folk songs and the Czardas by Vittorio Monti. The playlist includes some videos from the EXPO in Milano in 2015 where Francesco Mammola played Italian folk music together with Lino Giusti on the guitar.

A concert of the Quintetto a Pizzico Aquilano with Francesco Mammola given in London in June 2013 is also included in the playlist.

Playlist Francesco Mammola – Mandolin

Weitere Informationen

Website Francesco Mammola

Biography (from Francesco Mammola website:

Considered as an enfant prodige since his childhood, Francesco Mammola received appreciation and great estimations from many music critics. After his field of studies, under the guide of M° Fabio Giudice, he graduated cum laude in “Conservatorio di Musica A. Casella” of L’Aquila (Italy).

In the great number of national and international awards he received stand out the National Award of Art “Claudio Abbado”, the award of the bronze medal of Italian Senate and of the ‘Palma Accademica’ of International Academy ‘S. Giovanni Crisostomo’ for high artistic merits.

During his career, he performed in UK, Germany, Lithuania, Belgium, Vatican City and, moreover, he played in the most important Italian theatres, acting very often as a soloist. In the great number of his concerts and recitals, are noteworthy the performances he had in Neaples – in Castel dell’Ovo (for the 30th Anniversary of Dolce e Gabbana) and in Castel S. Elmo –, in Rome – where he played in Auditorium Parco della Musica and in Palazzo Braschi, where he opened the Gypsy King’s concert during the Festival ‘All’Ombra del Colosseo’ –, in Milan for Expo 2015, in Florence (Fortezza dal Basso), in the Iraq Embassy in Vatican City for the III International Festival of Arts, in London by Istituto Italiano di Cultura, in Vilnius (Galerija Chodkeviciu Rumai) and Charleroi (Englise de Forchies). Moreover, he was the musical director of the International Festival ‘Notte della Chimera” in Avezzano (L’Aquila; Italy).

He played with important ensembles – like Istituzione Sinfonica Abruzzese and Solisti Aquilani-, with groups – like NOMADI – and with singers – like the tenor Piero Mazzocchetti, Mauro Mengali (O.R.O) Antonella Bucci, Cecilia Gayle – and with actors – like Enzo Garramone. He was directed by Aurelio Canonici, Luciano Bellini, Fabio Maestri, Alan Freiles, Federico Biscione e Jacopo Sipari – and recorded for important italian television broadcasts – like RAI (Linea Verde, Sereno Variabile, Raccontami, Linea Verdi Orizzonti) and Sky programs. With his “Quintetto a Pizzico Aquilano” he recorded two CDs “QUINTETTO A PIZZICO AQUILANO” (May 2013) and “IL QUINTETTO A PIZZICO AQUILANO SUONA MARIO GIUSTI” (January 2014).



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