Pizzicar Galante – Mandolin Sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti – New Crowdfunding Project

Pizzicar Galante – with mandolinist Anna Schivazappa and harpsichordist Fabio Antonio Falcone – are going to record their second CD with works by Domenico Scarlatti for mandolin and harpsichord.

Anna Schivazappa has studied the mandolin in Urbino and Padua in Italy and is currently working on her PHD in musicology.

The project is presented in the following video:

The first CD of Pizzicar Galante was dedicated to the composer Robert Valentini. The complete recording has been made available on youtube by the recording company Brilliant Classics:

You can support the project on the ulule crowdfunding website:

Additional information

Website Pizzicar Galante: www.pizzicargalante.com

  • Anna Schivazappa, mandolines baroques
  • Ronald Martin Alonso, viole de gambe
  • Daniel de Moraïs, théorbe
  • Fabio Antonio Falcone, clavecin
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