The Water Understands – 9 Horses

Just got a newsletter from 9 Horses with this great video The Water Understands. That’s the introduction for the video from the newsletter:

Working together with filmmaker Souki Mehdaoui, American Sign Language actor and performer Christina Dunams, electronic sound designer Justin Goldner, and our friends Nathan Koci on piano, Kevin Garcia on drums, and Reed Black from Vinegar Hill Sound, this short film features our newest composition the water understands, inspired by the Ralph Waldo Emerson poem ‘Water’. We’re really proud of this collaboration. It just felt good to be putting something beautiful into the world right now.

The poem is an observation on the dual nature of water; something which can “deketh” or “doubleth joy,” but ill used, “elegantly destroy.” With water levels rising around the world and cities like Venice and New Orleans (not to mention our home town of New York) fighting for their survival, and in the wake of the floods and subsequent humanitarian crises in Houston and South Asia, it feels especially timely.

9 Horses – The Water Understands

the water understands

by Joe Brent

Directed and edited by Souki Mehdaoui

ASL performance by Christina Dunams

9 Horses is:

  • Joe Brent, electric mandolin
  • Sara Caswell, violin
  • Andrew Ryan, bass
  • Justin Goldner, electronic sound design
  • Nathan Koci, piano
  • Kevin Garcia, drums

Based on the poem ‘Water’, by Ralph Waldo Emerson

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