Feral Conservatives – Indie-Rock Duo with Mandolin that aims for an Eclectic Sound

I have found the Feral Conservatives on tumblr. The Feral Conservatives are an independent rock band from the Eastern Coast of Virginia consisting of songwriters Rashie Rosenfan (vocals, mandolin) and Matt Francis (drums).

I like the combination of drums and electric mandolin with the singing of Rashie Rosenfan – it’s great to have a progressive band that uses the mandolin!

Feral Concervatives – Friend Bail Always


The Strive EP is available at bandcamp:


Playlist Feral Conservatives

Article: http://mimskohmusic.com/2013/10/13/featured-artist-feral-conservatives/

The use of the mandolin brings an entirely different element to their sound the easily becomes favorable.

Feral Conservatives (bandcamp)

Feral Conservatives (website)

Feral Conservatives News (tumblr)

Feral Conservatives youtube channel

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