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The Hooters – Great Songs with Mandolins, Accordion, Recorder…

The Hooters are one of the bands that have been playing their music since the 1980s and who are still very active and successful with their music. And the Hooters are one of the bands who make use of the mandolin in their songs. Eric Bazilian plays the mandolin or mandola, John Lilly plays mandolin too in some songs. The Hooters do also use the recorder, the accorion or the melodica in their songs.

Some of the songs by the Hooters are well known and very popular, like Johnny B., All you Zombies or Satellite.

There are some live videos from the 1980, but I haven’t discovered a video with the mandolin from that time. But in the videos from recent years I have found many examples of songs with one or two mandolins. In some videos Eric Bazilian plays a doubleneck instrument with electric mandolin and guitar.

Let’s start with the song Karla with a K which has a long introduction with mandolin and accordion:

The Hooters – “karla with a k”

Another famous song is Johnny B. which starts with a recorder melody:

The Hooters – Johnny B (live in Hamburg Fabrik am 09.06.09)

Concert in Arena of Pop – Mannheim 2009 – with mandola and mandolin

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Feral Conservatives – Indie-Rock Duo with Mandolin that aims…

I have found the Feral Conservatives on tumblr. The Feral Conservatives are an independent rock band from the Eastern Coast of Virginia consisting of songwriters Rashie Rosenfan (vocals, mandolin) and Matt Francis (drums).

I like the combination of drums and electric mandolin with the singing of Rashie Rosenfan – it’s great to have a progressive band that uses the mandolin!

Feral Concervatives – Friend Bail Always


The Strive EP is available at bandcamp:

Playlist Feral Conservatives


The use of the mandolin brings an entirely different element to their sound the easily becomes favorable.

Feral Conservatives (bandcamp)

Feral Conservatives (website)

Feral Conservatives News (tumblr)

Feral Conservatives youtube channel


London 2013 – 100 Club, Oxford Street – Orianthi…

On Wednesday we attended a concert with Orianthi in the 100 Club, Oxford Street. We had to wait for a long time in the typical English queue until we were let in, and event then we had to wait more until Orianthi came to the stage.

Orianthi is a young guitarist with Greek / Australian roots. She has played with Stevie Vai and Carlos Santana, and she plays heavy rock guitar and sings. Since 2011 Orianthi is the guitarist for Alice Cooper. So it was no surprise that Alice Cooper came to the stage for the last encore and sung Foxy Lady.

Orianthi and Alice Cooper live @ 100 club London 7th August 2013

Pictures – Orianthi in the Club 100

You can find many videos from the concert with Orianthi in the 100 Club – many of the visitors used their smartphones to record songs.

Videos Orianthi 100 Club

Additional Information

Orianthi official website:

Wikipedia about Orianthi (engl.):

Orianthi – Playlist

100 Club Oxford Street, London:

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The Noisettes – Shingai Shoniwa and Dan Smith –…

A picture with a mandolin – Dan The Mandolin Man! – shared with twitter led me to the new album by The Noisettes.

The Noisettes will release their new album Contact tomorrow on Aug. 27th. The album was available as streaming audio for the last days at I think this is a great album and Shingai Shoniwa is a great singer.

I have listened to the album and was curious when I would hear the mandolin – and finally the track Ragtop Car was the song which is accompanied by Dan Smith on his mandolin.

I have found the song in the following video from a performance during the Olympics in London – the song Ragtop Car starts after 8:37 – but this complete performance was great:

Here’s another performance of the same song:

Additional Information

Website The Noisettes:

My playlist with some other videos of Ragtop Car – The Noisettes:

Noisettes at Soundcloud:

Review The Noisettes, Hyde Park, London:

Wikipedia about The Noisettes:

Noisettes (occasionally written as NOISEttes to mark the difference in pronunciation from noisette – meaning hazelnut in French) are an English indie rock band from London, currently composed of singer and bassist Shingai Shoniwa and guitarist Dan Smith. The band first achieved commercial success and nationwide recognition with the second single of their second album, “Don’t Upset the Rhythm (Go Baby Go)” which reached number two on the UK Singles Chart in Spring 2009.