We Banjo 3 – Irish Banjo meets Bluegrass and Old-Time Music

I have just discovered We Banjo 3 – a banjo band from Ireland.

The band plays a mix of Irish music and American Old-Time and Bluegrass tunes with banjos and guitar. As the name of the band says the band has three great banjo players, Enda Scahill, Martin Howley and David Howley. Fergal Scahill adds the fiddle sound to the trio.

The first album of the band “Roots of the Banjo Tree” has got some great reviews.

We Banjo 3 – John Brown, The Lost Indian, Sail Away Ladies – from the album Roots of the Banjo Tree

We Banjo 3 – Gonna Write Me A Letter

Happiness – 2016

Playlist We Banjo 3

Website Webanjo3 : http://www.webanjo3.com/

On page “Album” and on page “Media -> Listen” you can find some free trackes to listen to, on page “Tunebook” you can find two interesting  tunebooks with some audio examples.

youtube channel Webanjo3: http://www.youtube.com/user/WeBanjo3/videos?view=0

youtube channel Enda Scahill: http://www.youtube.com/user/endascahill


Albums of the Year – We Banjo 3 / Roots of the Banjo Tree

The music being produced in this country has come of age and We Banjo 3 which consists of Enda Scahill, Martin Howley and David Howley exemplify this.  Together with special guests Fergal Scahill, Lousie Holden, Gerry O’Connor, Leon Hunt and James Blennerhassett they have created something special. A banjo inspired album has never sounded so good, so pleasing to the ear or so inventive in its approach.

Facebook webanjo3: http://www.facebook.com/webanjo3

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