Jake Jolliff and Alex Hargreaves – Mandolin and Fiddle

Mandolin and Fiddle – Jake Jolliff and Alex Hargreaves

Jake Jolliff belongs to the great young mandolin players in the uSA. He plays in the band Joy Kills Sorrow, but also as a duo together with Alex Hargreaves on the fiddle.

A complete concert of the duo has recently been filmed and is available at youtube – see my playlist below.

Her is a video from the beginning of 2010 – almost three years ago:

Jake Jolliff and Alex Hargreaves

Jake Jolliff and Alex Hargreaves playing Old Dangerfield at the Ken Cartwright Performing Arts Center in Stayton, Or. on the 3rd of January, 2010.

Pictures from this concert: http://staytondailyphoto.com/2010/01/alex-hargreaves-jake-jolliff-concert/

and: http://www.flickr.com/photos/willamettevalley/sets/72157623126823902/detail/

The sister of Alex Hargreaves – Tatiana Hargreaves – played some pieces with her viola in this concert – another great sound to discover:

Tatiana Hargreaves Shows the Boyz

… almost 3 years later the duo sounds like this – again Old Dangerfield to compare with the first video:

04 Jake Jolliff and Alex Hargreaves 2012-12-16 Old Dangerfield

Now the complete playlist of the current concert:

Playlist 2012

Jake Jolliff and Alex Hargreaves live at the Newberg Music Center in Newberg, Oregon on 12/16/2012.


Enjoy Jake Jolliff und Alex Hargreaves – mandolin and fiddle!

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