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Kris Kehr has just added another hour with music by Bill Monroe to his blog Black Mountain Underground.

In December 2010 Kris Kehr has already compiled five one hour broadcasts with music by Bill Monroe. You can download all six podcast and listen to Bill Monroe and study his style and especially his mandolin playing. This is a great source for recordings of Bill Monroe including many of his great and well known compositions.

You can find many live recordings from festivals and concerts. In many cases the announcements by Bill Monroe are included.

The sixth broadcast is a compilation of duets of Bill Monroe with Doc Watson, Peter Rowan, Charlie Monroe or with the Seldom Scene.

Banks of the Ohio – Bill Monroe & Doc Watson

In the blog you can find additional information for every broadcast, including some interesting photos, and many links for related sites with additional information. You can also find information about the members of the Bluegrass Boys during the years.

The first broadcast contains recordings from between 1940 und 1948 including the Muleskinne Blues, Footprints in the Snow, Blue Moon of Kentucky, Kentucky Waltz and many more classic recordings.

In the second broadcast you can hear recordings from the 50s, including some recordings from the Bean Blossom Festival.

The third broadcast continues with recordings from the 60s, and the fourth broadcast goes on with recordings from the late 60s and 70s. Recordings from the 80s and 90s can be found in the  fifth broadcast.

The serie was completed with 3 podcasts with music from the 1960s and with 3 podcasts with music by Doc Watson.

You can download all 9 podcast from the site:

Black Mountain Underground:

This is a video showing an interview with Bill Monroe from the Bean Blossom festival in 1976:

1976 Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival

Bill Monroe Playlist

My playlist with more than 30 life performances of Bill Monroe and some interviews.

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All the Classic Releases


The Very Best Of Bill Monroe

And His Blue Grass Boys

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