The Dardanelles – Traditional Folk Music from Newfoundland

A new interesting concert is available at the CBC – The Dardanelles is a five piece folk band from Newfoundland with mandolin or bouzouki, guitar, fiddle, accordeon, tin whistles and bodhran.

Armed with an intense love of the music of their native home, and an energy found more often in three-piece rock bands than in five-piece folk acts, The Dardanelles have become one of the hottest acts to come out of Newfoundland in years. Great players all, their imaginative and exciting arrangements of Newfoundland’s storied traditional repertoire is breathing a real cool factor into the genre.

In October 2010, fresh from a summer of playing Canada’s major folk festivals, The Dardanelles performed a high octane set at Newfoundland and Labrador’s annual Music Industry Awards in Rocky Harbour.

This concert is very enjoyable if you like typical Celtic or Irish folk music, especially I liked the version of the tune The Scholar as played by the Dardanelles – a tune that I already know from a medley by Peter Ostroushko and that I have leared to play on the mandolin.

(Concert no more availble)

You can see and hear the mandolin and bouzouki in the following video.

The Dardanelles – Boyd’s Cove Singles

Playlist with more videos by the Dardanelles

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Sheet music  / TABs of The Scholar:

You can also find this and many other tunes here:

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