The Plectro Trio from Colombia – Bandola, Tiple and Guitar

Plectro Trio – Colombian Andean Music

The Plectro Trio was founded in 2001. It plays typical Colombian Andean Music with bandola, tiple and guitar. There are many videos with great music by the Plectro Trio.

The colombian bandola is similar to the bandurria of Spain. it has 6 courses with each two or three strings, with a total of 12 or more typical 16 strings. The colombian tiple is shaped like a guitar and has 4 courses with 10 strings.

You can find detailed information about the colombian bandola nad the colombian tiple in the Atlas of Plucked Instruments:

Flor De Romero Performed by Plectro Trio

Colombian- Bambuco Performed by Plectro Trio- Composer Alvaro Romero Sanchez at the Encuentro de musicos Colombianos en New York

Playlist with videos of the Plectro Trio

Find more videos of the  Plectro Trio from Colombia :

More Information

Homepage of the Plectro Trio:

Homepage Javier Andres Mesa Martinez (Bandola, Bass, Web Design) :

Homepage with sheet music by the  Plectro Trio and other groups: solo, duo, trio and orchestra pieces:

The majority of these pieces originally composed for ANDEAN COLOMBIAN TRIO by Maestro JAIME ROMERO, have been awarded first place in competitions such as MONO NUÑEZ, COOTRAFA and FESTIVAL DEL PASILLO in Aguadas, Colombia since 1988.

The most outstanding ensembles such as TRIO PALOSANTO, CROMATICO, ESPIRITU COLOMBIANO, PLECTRO TRIO and CUATROPALOS QUARTET among others, have won first prize and/or recorded his themes.

In order to promote Colombian folklore, all these pieces of COLOMBIAN MUSIC for BANDOLA, TIPLE and GUITAR are completly free!. All these themes are duly COPYRIGHT protected and can be freely played for non-commercial activities, otherwise you need to get written permission from the author in order to record or play his music for commercial purposes.

Listen to the complete works for guitar in MIDI, MP3 and WAVE formats and download the scores in PDF format.

Altas of Plucked Instruments:

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