Huge Guitar Orchestra: 100 Guitars play Music by Hadjidakis, Piazzolla, Albeniz, …

The music by Hadjidakis has led me to some videos by a huge orchestra of guitars that has played concerts in Greece, especially in anold Greek amphitheater – it must have been a great event.

I have selected a video with the Libertango by Astor Piazolla as first, because this video shows a little bit from the rehearsal and gives a good impresion about this group of young guitarists from Greece.

Astor Piazzolla -Libertango-Evangelos Boudounis -100 GUITARS

The Guitarists

From the homepage

Evangelos Boudounis founded “The Guitarists” in 1993, but it was conceived in 1984 at the first “Guitar Festival in Rethymno”. It was there that he founded an orchestra, consisting of young guitarists coming from different cities and schools and who have gathered there to attend the seminar. The sound of this orchestra, very “fresh” and original, impressed Manos Hadjidakis (who was also attending the seminar) and he decided to conduct himself “Guitarists” at the only concert given to the Festival.

Despite the success, the orchestra soon split, because guitarists returned to their cities and schools. However, the idea of creating such an orchestra has always been on Evangelos Boudounis’ mind.

Eventually, in 1993 he created again an orchestra consisting of guitarists who were graduates of his school and were all living in Athens. The orchestra was named “The Guitarists”.

“The Guitarists” have participated in many international guitar festivals and have given many concerts in Greek cities, at the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron) and Lycabettus Theatre.

The orchestra’s repertoire includes many different works, renaissance, baroque (Praetorious, Bach, Vivaldi), music for the movies (Rota, Gershwin), arrangements of old songs (Hadjidakis, Beatles) and new music plays (Alexiadis, Boudounis, Antoniou).

Now two more videos with songs by Manos Hadjidakis played by 100 guitars:

Manos Hadjidakis-Vals of Lost Dreams – Evangelos Boudounis 100 GUITARS

Manos Hadjidakis-Kemal -Evangelos Boudounis -100 GUITARS

Further Information

Homepage Evangelos Boudounis:

More videos by Evangelos Boudounis and 100 guitars:

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