Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra – Since 1900 – Ragtime, Vivaldi, Fats Waller, La Traviata and Bach

The Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra has continuously existed since 1900 – that’s more than 100 years. It is the longest existing mandolin orchestra in the USA and certainly one of the longest existing mandolin orchestras in the world. Early in the 20th century up to eight mandolin orchestras existed in Milwaukee, there were composers for mandolin […]

Evan Marshall – Mandolin Virtuoso – Master of Duo-Style – William Tell, Schubert, Ode to Joy

Evan Marshall is one of the few mandolin players who has a preference for solo performances and solo arrangements. His repertoir is composed of some of the most famous classical masterpieces arranged for the solo-mandolin. Up to now I have not presented Evan Marshall in this blog – it’s time to do so! Evan is […]

The Dillards – Great Harmony Singing and a lot of Humor – Bluegrass of the 1960s

I have recently heard a great song by the Dillards – Hey Boys. In this song you can hear the fantastic harmony-singing of the Dillards. I would like to take the chance to present the Dillards in this blog. You can find detailed information about the Dillards in the wikipedia article (see below). The Dillards […]

Sugar in the Gourd – A great fiddle tune

Today I have played some tunes from Butch Baldassari’s book 30 Fiddle Tunes for Mandolin Taught by Butch Baldassari – including a tune named “Sugar in the Gourd” which was fun to play. I have looked for some youtube videos and found some great performances of this tune as well as some very old recordings […]

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