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72nd Highlanders Farewell to Aberdeen – Mandolin, Recorder, Bagpipe

72nd’s Farewell to Aberdeen Lament and Hoedown

played on the mandolin by Mike Romkey

Farewell to Aberdeen – (Versión en castellano)

played on recorder and guitar

Melodía escocesa interpretada por flauta dulce soprano y guitarra española.
Esta versión aparece en castellano.
La melodía se suele tocar con bandas de gaitas escocesas

The 72nd Highlanders Farewell To Aberdeen

Playlist 72nd Farewell to Aberdeen

Sheet music for this march can be found on the website of the  Scottish Fiddle School on the following page (2003)

You can also find the sheet music fot this march on the following sites:

On the mandolin you can play the whole melody also one octave lower to get a lower sound – try it!

Additional information about the Scottish Fiddle School and the free sheet music available on the website can be found in my related article:


Georg Philipp Telemann – Partita II in G Major…

Some days ago I have made a new video with one movement from the Partita II in G major by Georg Philipp Telemann.

I have played this Partita for many years now, and every now and then I have liked to play the movements from this Partita on the mandolin. The key of G major is very well suited for the mandolin and the pieces are easy to play and do sound great.

This Partita is the second one from a set of 6 Partitas for violin, flute or oboe and B. C. (cello and piano or harpsichord) But the melodies are so beautiful, that it is possible to play the music also as a solo piece on the mandolin. A version for mandolin and guitar would be even better.

The complete sheet music for the 6 Partitas is available at the IMSLP site (see below). I have not tried out the other partitas yet, but I am sure that one or another would also sound great on the mandolin – just try it out!

This is my recording of the last movement Aria 6 – of the Partita II in G major

Telemann – Aria 6 for Mandolin Solo

The movements of the Partita are:

  • Siziliano
  • Aria 1 – Allegro
  • Aria 2 – Allegro
  • Aria 3 – Vivace
  • Aria 4 – Afettuoso
  • Aria 5 – Presto
  • Aria 6 – Tempo di Minuetto

I have found several videos of this Partita II in G major with recorder or flute at youtube and collected the videos in the following playlist. I have also added some movements from the other Partitas:


Additional information

Free sheet music of the 6 Partitas  Kleine Kammermusik (6 Partitas) (Telemann, Georg Philipp)


Other free sheet music by Telemann on the IMSLP site: http://imslp.org/wiki/Category:Telemann,_Georg_Philipp