The Duetto Giocondo – Caterina Lichtenberg (Mandolin) and Mirko Schrader (Guitar, Lute) – Sonatas for Baroque-Mandolin

The weekly radio show Trémolo of the Spanish radio RTVE has recently played a program with recordings by the Duetto Giocondo with Caterina Lichtenberg (mandolin) and Mirko Schrader (guitar, lute). The program contained the following works from the CD “Sonaten für Mandoline und Gitarre/Laute”: Christoforo Signorelli (1731-1815) Sonata for baroque-mandolin and lute Allegro – Allegro […]

The Amsterdam Guitar Trio plays Bach, Debussy and Mozart

The current “La Guitarra” podcast of the Spanish Radio is dedicated to the Amsterdam Guitar Trio. The Amsterdam Guitar Trio was founded around 1985. It has recorded CDs with the Brandenburg Concertos by J. S.  Bach, with the Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi or recently with the music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, aranged for guitar […]

Waldir Azevedo – Master of the Cavaquinho – Roda de Choro Podcast (Radio MEC)

The last four editions of the radio show  “Roda de Choro” of the Brazilian Radio MEC were dedicated to the music of  Waldir Azevedo. This is a great chance to download almost three hours of music by Waldir Azevedo, with recordings from 1957 until 1979, as the radio shows are available as podcasts. Waldir Azevedo […]

Roots of Woody Guthrie: Celebrating Woody at 100 – Down Home Radio Show

Roots of Woody Guthrie: Celebrating Woody at 100 July 14th, 2012 will mark the 100th birthday of the great songwriter, author and artist Woody Guthrie.  On today’s show we’ll honor Guthrie by playing a number of his songs and taking a look at some of the sources for the melodies he used and influences on […]

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