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Jethro Burns & Don Stiernberg (Mandolins ) with John…

Anthony Hannagan has posted the following video at Facebook – a film from a concert with Jethro Burns, Don Stiernberg and John Parrot from 1985 at Adler House.

This has been filmed by Paul Goelz who shows many more videos from the 80s in his youtube channel:

And don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel, for archival videos of the Chicago and Michigan music scene dating back to the early 1980s.

At the beginning of this concert Jethro plays some solo pieces, in the second part he is joined by Don Stiernberg with another mandolin and the guitarist John Parrot. Jethro talks between the pieces, makes announcements and jokes – he’s really great and one of my all time favorite mandolni players.

A great video which every Jethro fan will view several times!

Jethro Burns at Adler House, 1985

The first of two sets Jethro did at Adler House (Libertyville, Illinois) on March 1st, 1985. Jethro is joined by Don Stiernberg (mandolin) and John Parrott (guitar).

The “other” Jethro Burns

Betcha didn’t know Jethro played the guitar, did you 😉 And he’s good, too! Jethro Burns jamming with Don Stiernberg in between sets at Adler House in Libertyville Illinois, March 1st, 1985.

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