Music for Play – Claudio Mandonico – Compositions for Mandolin Orchestra

Claudio Mandonico is a composer from Italy. He has composed some of the most played modern pieces for mandolin orchestra. Especially his suite “Music for Play” is a great work that’s fun to play and also great to listen to. The “Suite Spagnola” includes typical Spanish music like the Habanera and the Pelota. The Jazz […]

The Italian Mandolin: Its Evolution, Nomenclature and Types – A Great Poster by Alex Timmerman

Alex Timmerman has compiled a poster with the most important Italian mandolin models. He has asked me to help to share this poster. On this poster you can find mandolins that have been built between 1650 and 1927. You can follow the evolution of the different models, the models are arranged according to the years when a […]

Vieni sul Mar – A Great Italian Folk Tune for Mandolin or Guitar

Some time ago I have compiled a playlist with my favorite versions of the Italian folk song Vieni sul mar. This song has been popular for a long time, there are historical recordings from the early 20th century, Oscar Aleman recorded a great Jazz version of this song, and Andre Rieu played this for thousands […]

Raffaele Calace – VI Mazurka Op. 141 – For Mandolin & Guitar / Mandolin Orchestra

The Mazurka Op. 141 by Raffaele Calace is a piece that is being played quite often. I have collected a playlist with the best videos of this piece. You can hear: The Duo 14 strings from Italy (mandolin & guitar) Tiziano Palladino al Mandolino e Isidoro Nugnes alla Chitarra (14strings Duo) eseguono la MAZURKA […]

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