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Celtic Connections 2018 Glasgow – Playlist

I have compiled a playlist with performances from the Celtic Connections 2018 in Glasgow.

The Playlist starts with some great videos from the Bothy Culture concert with the Danny MacAskill and the GRIT Orchestra.

First video: Danny MacAskill (mountain bike) recreates some of his ‘Ridge’ film at the concert.

Other bands included are: The String Sisters, The Johnstone Pipe Band, Angus J MacColl, Tryst, Skipinnish, Big Country, James Duncan MacKenzie, Finlay MacDonald, Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas, Apiary, Vair from Shetland, Roelle Blue, Le Vent du Nord, Sian, Emily Barker, Project Smok, Frank Turner, Will Varley, Elephant Sessions, Sarah Jaroz, and more.


I would like to show one video because in this video you can see Eeva Talsi from Estonio from the band Curly Strings. Curly Strings played in Freiburg just before the went to Glasgow for the Celtic Connections where she played with her Torupilli Jussi Trio.

You can find more performances from Celtic Connections 2018 on the website of the BBC:

If you are a mountainbiker you might like the original movie The Ridge



Madeira Mandolin Festival – Festival Internacional de Bandolins da…

I have recently started to collect videos with the mandolin orchestras from Madeira. Madeira has a long tradition of mandolin orchestras.

In 2016 the first Madeira Mandolin Festival took place. I have found several great videos made during this festival with the Edu Miranda Trio, Luís Peixoto and Norberto Cruz.

Edu Miranda Trio is playing some great Choros, Luís Peixoto plays two solo pieces on the cavaquinho, and Norberto Cruz plays a Sonata by Carlos Seixas.

Playlist Madeira Mandolin Festival 2016

The second Madeira Mandolin Festival took place in 2017. It included concerts and workshops with Hamilton da Holanda and Fernando Barroso and concerts with Mandolin Orchestras from Madeira.

Additional Information

Website Madeira Mandolin Festival

Website Madeira Mandolin Association

Facebook: Associação de Bandolins da Madeira – Madeira Mandolin Association

youtube: Madeira Mandolin Association

youtube channel Fernando Barroso






Celtic Connections 2017 – A Great Festival for Celtic…

Celtic Connections is one of the biggest festival for Celtic Music. This year more than 2000 artists took part in the festival from 21 Jan – 5 Feb 2017

Many of my favorite artists and bands were part of the festival:

  • Kathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
  • Derek Gripper
  • Tommy Emmanuel
  • Maro O’Connor with his Family Band
  • Jayme Stone
  • Sarah Jarosz
  • Hamilton de Holanda
  • Laura Marling
  • Julie Fowlis
  • Eliza Carthy
  • Wildwood Kin
  • Mike Compton

And I had the chance to find some gret new bands that I did not know before:

  • Slododan Trkulja and Balkanopolis
  • Breabach
  • Darlingside
  • Atlantic Arc Orchestra
  • Karan Casey Band
  • Le Vent du Nord and De Temps Antan
  • Talisk

I have collected videos from the Celtic Connections 2017 in the following playlist. Enjoy!

Playlist Celtic Connections 2017

Additional information

Website Celtic Connections

BBC Celtic Connections – Audio and video performances from the BBC at Celtic Connections

Celtic Connections – Program overview (folkradio.co.uk)

Link collection Celtic Connections



Smithsonian Folkways – Folklife Festival – Bluegrass and more

Recently I have been listening to some resources from the Smithsonian websites, especially the radio programs.

Founded in 1846, the Smithsonian is the world’s largest museum and research complex, consisting of 19 museums and galleries, the National Zoological Park and nine research facilities.

A set of radio programs with many interesting recordings is available at:


This includes a Bluegrass radio witha set of recordings of some of the important bands:

The Folkways collection contains some of the most influential early American bluegrass recordings and features such giants as Red Allen and Frank Wakefield, Bill Monroe, Doc Watson, the Stanley Brothers, and The Country Gentlemen. Listen here to these influential artists and experience this dynamic American roots tradition.

In the Smithsonian Folkways youtube channel you can also find some bluegrass recordings like this:

If you are a teacher you can also make use of the freelesson plans and other resources for teaching, like the following

Bluegrass Music: A Toe-Tapping Exploration of an American Art Form
Grades: 3-5
Students will be introduced to American Bluegrass music and Appalachian songs through singing, listening and conversation. A number of songs will be compared leading to a conversation the characteristics of Traditional American music.

I did also listen to the Festival Radio that  is available on the Smithsonian Festival site: http://www.festival.si.edu/ which also includes some great bluegrass performances from the Smithsonian Folklife Festivals.

The Smithsonian Folklife Festival was first held Juli 1 – 4, 1967 and has been a big success. Since then the festival took place every year. It is a festival of all folk arts including music and dance, craftsmen like carvers, blacksmiths, potters or quilters, and folk artists of all kinds.

You can find scans of the interesting programs of the festivals since 1967 on the archive.org website:


This is an excerpt from the program of the first festival:

July 1-4, 1967 

America's grass roots culture provides abundant material 
for the four-day Festival of American Folklife presented by 
the Smithsonian Institution on the National Mall over the 
July 4th weekend. More than doubling previous peak attendance 
at the Smithsonian for this holiday weekend, the first program 
in July, 1967 attracted 431,000 spectators, according to 
National Park Service figures. The exceptional public response 
to this first event has lead the Smithsonian to establish the 
Festival as an annual Independence Day tribute to our folk 

Fifty-eight traditional craftsmen and thirty-two 
musical and dance groups from throughout the United States 
demonstrated and performed at the first open-air event. 
Mountain banjo-pickers and ballad singers, Chinese lion 
fighters, Indian sand painters, basket and rug weavers, New 
Orleans jazz bands and a Bohemian hammer-dulcimer band from 
east Texas combined with the host of participants from many 
rural and urban areas of our country to weave the colorful fabric 
of American traditional culture.

This is the playlist of the most popular youtube videos of the Smithsonian Folkways youtube channel:

Most Viewed Smithsonian Folkways Videos

Additional Information

Smithsonian main website: http://www.si.edu/

Smithsonian Folkways Website: http://folkways.si.edu/

Website Smithsonian Festival: http://www.festival.si.edu/