El Cumbanchero – Jesse McReynolds and David Grisman

Todays free download from David Grismans Acoustic Oasis site is El Cumbanchero played by the David Grisman Quintet.

El Cumbanchero was made popular as a bluegrass tune by Jesse McReynolds if I am right. I have learned this tune from a Jesse McReynolds book and a Jesse McReynolds recording long time ago.

I have found several great videos with Jim & Jesse playing El Cumbanchero, and also a video with the David Grisman Quintet.

Here first two videos with Jim & Jesse:

Jim & Jesse – El Cumbanchero

Jim & Jesse – El Cumbanchero

Jesse McReynolds – Mandolin
Jim McReynolds – Guitar
Allen Shelton – Banjo
Jimmy Campbell – Fiddle
Keith McReynolds – Electric Bass
Don McHan – Guitar

February 13, 1988
Masonic Temple, Freeport, IL

Jesse McReynolds – El Cumbanchero

And here the video with the David Grisman Quintet:

David Grisman Quintet – El Cumbanchero, Madison WI 3-3-96

David Grisman Quintet live at the Union Theater, UW Madison, El Cumbanchero.

Another great version played by a family band – Ward Family Bluegrass:

El Cumbanchero

Ward Family Bluegrass plays El Cumbanchero at Tri-County Farmer’s Restaurant, Van Leer, TN


I have compiled a playlist with other versions played by Jesse Mc Reynolds, David Grisman and some other Bluegrass bands:

Playlist El Cumbanchero

Sheet music for El Cumbanchero:

Website Jim and Jesse McReynolds: http://www.jimandjesse.com/

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