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London 2013 – Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas – Guitar –…

The first concert during our holiday in London was a free concert which took place in the National Portrait Gallery. Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas played a program with guitar music from Cuba by Leo BrouwerEduardo Martin and  José Antonio (Ñico) Rojas Beoto.

Ahmed Dickinson has transcribed may pieces by Nico Rojas and made those available for the guitarists. Some compositions by Nico Rojas can be found in the playlist below.

Eduardo Martin is another composer from Cuba whose compositions are played regularly by guitarists around the world. Ahmed Dickinson played some movements from the Calendar Suite, you can find some of those movements in the playlist as well.

For my post I have selected another composition by Eduardo Martin, Inevitable & Chacumbele:

Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas – Inevitable & Chacumbele – Eduardo Martin

Ahmed Dickinson has also played with a string quartet, this is a great video from the live performance of the Quintet for Guitar and String Quartet by Leo Brower.

Ahmed Dickinson and the Santiago Quartet: Quintet- Leo Brouwer

Live performance of the Quintet for Guitar and String Quartet by Leo Brouwer. Featuring renowned Cuban guitarist Ahmed Dickinson and the Santiago Quartet.

Ahmed Dickenson, guitar
Emma Blanco, violin
Matthew Elston, violin
Suzanne Evans, viola
Jonathan Hennessey-Brown, cello

Playliste Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas

Additional Information

Website: http://www.ahmeddickinson.com/

Recordings by Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas at soundcloud (shortened): http://soundcloud.com/ahmed-dickinson-cardenas

Artikel about Nico Rojas and Ahmed Dickinson: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/nico-rojas-guitarist-and-composer-whomixed-cuban-rhythms-with-jazz-1048762.html

It was while appearing at Havana’s International Guitar Festival in 2000 that Rojas met Ahmed Dickinson, with whom he struck up a friendship. Realising that the old master could not read music and was in danger of forgetting his own works, Dickinson transcribed 33 of Rojas’ compositions over the next five years, with help from Rojas and his son Jesús. Five of Rojas’ compositions were recorded by Marco Tamayo on the album Guitar Music From Cuba (Naxos Classical) in 2004, and in October this year Ahmed Dickinson – now based in London – released his début album, Ahmed Dickinson Plays Nico Rojas (Cubafilin Records), which consisted of 16 Rojas compositions.

About the composer Nico Rojas (with free download of sheet music and recordings of some of his compositions): http://www.jeffersonguitar.org/NicoRojas.html

About Nico Rojas, with two recordings: http://www.penultimosdias.com/2008/11/23/11539/

Biografie Nico Rojas and recordings: http://www.guitarraclasicadelcamp.com/partituras/nicorojas.html

Website Eduardo Martin: http://www.eduardomartin.com/


Chica Torpedo – Du bisch i mim Haerz –…

Some days ago I have watched Swiss movie – Frühling im Herbst – Spring in Autumn. In this movie a dance instructor from Argentina comes for a visit to Switzerland. During the movie a song played by a band has an important role.

The song – Du bisch i mim Haerz (you are in my heart) is played by the Swiss band Chica Torpedo, the singer is Schmidi Schmidhauser who sings this typical Cuban song in his native language, the Swiss dialect from Berne.

Schmidi Schmidhauser plays a Tres Cubano, a small guitar shaped instrument with 3 double strings. This instrument is typical for the Cuban dance music. In some of the videos with Chica Torpedo you can see and hear the tres. Other instruments played in this group are guitar, bass, several percussion instruments and a brass section.

I liked the song with this very special mix of Cuban sound and Swiss dialect very much.

Chica Torpedo – Du bisch i mim Haerz

Chica Torpedo – Margareta

CHICA TORPEDO Live am Afro-Pfingsten Festival 2010

Additional Information

Homepage Chica Torpedo: http://www.chicatorpedo.ch

youtube channel Chica Torpedo with more videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/chicatorpedo

Wikipedia about the  Tres Cubano: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tres

Atlas of Plucked Instruments with the  Tres Cubano: http://www.atlasofpluckedinstruments.com/central_america.htm