Trio Que Chora – Choro Music with Flute, Guitar and Percussion

The Trio Que Chora is a trio dedicated to Choro music with flute, Brazilian 7-string guitar and percussion. I have compiled a playlist with many great performances! The playlist starts with videos from a concert by SESC Sao Paulo. Playlist Trio Que Chora O grupo apresenta diversidade rítmica e formação pouco usual, pois além da […]

Danilo Brito (Bandolim) and André Mehmari (Piano) – Complete Concert

Danilo Brito is one of the best bandolim players in Brazil. He has performed together with Mike Marshall and other American mandolin players. Now I have found the following concert which he gave together with piano player André Mehmari. The program was composed of compositions by Ernesto Nazareth, Garoto or Zequinha de Abreu, and also […]

Songbook Choro 3 – Aguenta seu Fulgêncio (Lourenço Lamartine /Jacob do Bandolim)

Aguenta seu Fulgêncio is the 3rd Choro in the Songbook Choro. It is a fast choro, and it has a complicated, syncopated rhythm in it’s first part. I have compiled some great videos of this choro in my playlist: Playliste Aguenta seu Fulgêncio More posts about choros from Songbook Choro: Songbook Choro – 97 Choros to […]

Songbook Choro – Murmurando by Otaviano Romeiro Monteiro – Fon-Fon (61)

In the Songbook Choro you can find 97 of the best known and mostly played choros from Brazil. On my website I have compiled youtube videos of many of the 97 choros and also some information. I have recently started to check and update my youtube playlists with choros and will post more choro […]

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