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Lakewood Guitars – Martin Seeliger – Peter Finger (Fingerpicking…

Martin Seeliger has started to build steelstring guitars in Germany in the earl 1980s. Today his brand Lakewood Guitars is known as a source for great guitars for fingerpickers, and many great artists are playing Lakewood guitars.

On the website of the German guitar magazine Akustik Gitarre you can find a very interesting video with an interview with Marting Seeliger (in German only), and during the interview some interesting steps from the production of Lakewood Guitars can be seen.

Lakewood Guitars has its own youtube channel where you can find some interesting videos with Lakewood guitars played by different artists.

Peter Finger is a great fingerpicker who plays Lakewood Guitars. Here is a great example of a piece by Peter Finger – Getaway:

Peter Finger – “Getaway”

Homepage Lakewood Guitars:

youtube channel of Lakewood Guitars:

Homepage Akustik Gitarre (German):

Playlist Peter Finger with many  great fingerpicking guitar videos:


The new Grand Concert Mandolin by Labraid – Built…

Joe Brent and Brian Dean have developed a new mandolin, the Grand Concert.

The first videos played with this mandolin are available at youtube, and I think that there will be some discussion about this new type of a mandolin.

Brian Dean has made a video with pictures from the construction of this mandolin, with music played by Joe Brent on the mandolin.

Slow Motion played by Joe Brent

The form of this mandolin resembles a small guitar, it has a true back and a second protective back that allows the true back to be a real resonance back. Joe Brent wanted an instrument that sounds clear from the lowest string up to the 27th fret, and one that could be played in a standing position. He also wanted an instrument that allows him to play with an ensemble without amplification. And I think he has got what he wanted.

The first video shows Joe together with clarinet and double bass:

Astor Piazzolla: Bandoneon

Joseph Brent, mandolin
Ken Robinson, clarinet
Eddy Khaimovich, bass

This video shows, that the sound of this mandolin has no problem to compete with a clarinet – this is one of my favorite videos:

Joseph Brent plays ‘Race For The Prize’ by The Flaming Lips

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