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Metallica – Toto – REM – on Mandolin, Mandola,…

Madeira must be a good place for mandolins – at the moment there are 17 mandolin orchestras and tunas on Madeira. Activities of those orchestras can be found on the website of the Associacion de Bandolins de Madeira http://www.bandolins-madeira.net/

A group of four players with mandolin, mandola (octave mandolin), guitar and bass has arranged some popular rock songs by Metallica, Toto and R.E.M. and has made several videos in their youtube channel  http://www.youtube.com/user/cromandolin

Nothing Else Matters

This is a cover of Metallica.’s Nothing Else Matters. Played by Claudio (guitar), Élio (mandolin), Énio (bass) and Silvino (mandola).
The arrangement for mandolin and mandola was made by Élio in the style of Apocalyptica.
Recorded on Sep. 14, 2009.

Losing my religion (R.E.M. cover)

Africa (Toto cover)

This is a cover of Toto’s Africa. Played by Claudio (guitar), Élio (mandolin), Énio (bass) and Silvino (mandola).
Recorded on Sep. 7, 2009.


It’s my life (Bon Jovi cover)

Additional information

Website Bandolins de Madeira: http://www.bandolins-madeira.net/

More videos from Madeira: http://www.youtube.com/user/bandolinsmadeira

youtube channel cromandolin: http://www.youtube.com/user/cromandolin


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Railroad Song – Yasuo Kuwahara and Carlos Blanco Ruiz…

Today a new fantastic mandolin video has been uploaded to youtube by Carlos Blanco Ruiz. The video shows a performance of Railroad Song, a composition by Yasuo Kuwahara, played by the composer himself on the mandolin and Carlos Blanco Ruiz on the guitar. It was recorded in 1999.

This is the first time that I saw Kuwahara play the mandolin, and he really knows what is possible on the mandolin – a fantastic showpiece of mandolin technique.

Don’t miss this video!!

Railroad Song

Yasuo Kuwahara mandolina rail road Song * Carlos Blanco Ruiz guitarra La Orden de la Terraza Haro 25 años 1999

Playlist Railroad Sonmg by Yasuo Kuwahara

Additional information

Wikipedia about Yasuo Kuwahara (German): http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yasuo_Kuwahara

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Jose Miguel Morena – Vihuela and Lute – Music…

A nice video of a concert by Jose Miguel Morena that was given during the Early Music Festivals in St. Petersburg (Russia) has created interest for this musician.

The video can be found in the blog of the Russian camera man Roman Gurochkin. Moreno plays music of the Renaissance on a vihuela, at the end of the video he plays his version of the well known tune Canarios by Gaspar Sanz.


Jose Miguel Morena is one of the important specialists for old plucked instruments –  including the barock-guitar, the vihuela, the luth, the theorbe and also the modern guitar. He has published many recordings.

The following videos show parts from a luth concert:

Jose Miguel Morena – Laute

Renaissance music from Spain:

Renaissance music from England, including the Frog Galliard by John Downland:

More videos with Jose Miguel Morena, including Barock pieces by Sylvius Leopold Weiss can be found in my playlist:



More information:

Wikipedia about the vihuela: Vihuela (German) and Vihuela (Englisch)

The vihuela society from Spain: http://www.sociedaddelavihuela.com/

Notes about Jose Miguel Morena:



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Christina Pluhar and the Ensemble L’Arpeggiata – Mediterraneo

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Mandolin Orchestra La Orden de la Terraza – Logrono…

The mandolin orchestra La Orden de la Terraza from Logrono (Spain) gave a concert with the winning compositions of the competition for composition of the city of Logrono 2008.

The whole concert is now available at youtube. At the beginning of the concert some compositions from the previous competitions were played.

Concierto presentación fallo del jurado del Concurso internacional de composición para formaciones de plectro “Ciudad de Logroño” 2009. Auditórium del ayuntamiento de Logroño el 21 de diciembre de 2009.

This concert is a good possibility to hear some new compositions for mandolin orchestra.



Fantasía para guitarra y orquesta by  Javier Riba – 1er Premio concurso internacional de composición “Ciudad de Logroño” 2004.

Solo-guitar: Francisco Sagredo


by Carlos Blanco – 2º premio concurso internacional de composición “Ciudad de Logroño” 2006

cadenza: Marina Cerrajería (bandurria)


by Mirko Schrader – 3rd price of the comeptition “Ciudad de Logroño” 2008

1.- Overture
2.- Melancolía
3.- Rondó


by Javier Villafuerte – 2nd price of the comeptition “Ciudad de Logroño” 2008

1.- Deciso – Cantabile
2.- Legato – Rítmico
3.- Legato


by Luigi Salamon – 1st price of the comeptition “Ciudad de Logroño” 2008

Transition for mandolin orchestra by Luigi Salmon


by José Manuel Expósito

Playlist with the complete concert:


Homepage of the orchestra La Orden de la Terraza with more information: http://www.laordendelaterraza.com/

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