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Clash on the Big Bridge from Final Fantasy V…

Mandolin orchestras from Japan are known for playing arrangements of music from computer games. I have recently discovered this great example, a version of Battle at the Big Bridge / Clash on the Big Bridge from Final Fantasy V played by the mandolin orchestra of the Yamagata Higashi High School:

Clash on the Big Mandolin Ensemble

Performed by the Yamagata Higashi High School in a music contest.

This music has been composed in 1992 for Final Fantasy V, a game for the Super Nintendo SNES. It is interesting that this  music is still popular after more than 20 years.


I have found versions of this piece for mandolin, guitar, string quartet or sinfonic orchestra and have collected the best videos in my playlist. In some of the videos you can see the animations from this computer game.

Playlist “Clash on the Big Bridge” – Final Fantasy V

Additional Information

Final Fantasy Wiki about Clash on the Big Bridge:

“Battle at the Big Bridge” (ビッグブリッジの死闘, Biggu Burijji no Shitō?, lit. “Battle to the Death on the Big Bridge”), also known as “Clash on the Big Bridge” or “Battle with Gilgamesh” is a theme from Final Fantasy V. It was composed by Nobuo Uematsu in 1992.

Many version of this piece can be found in the youtube channel of MagirusNecros:

Music of Final Fantasy V


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Bonnie Sims – Great Songs with Mandolin Accompaniment

The mandolin is not as often used for accompaniment of songs as the ukulele. So I am always happy when I find examples for a mandolin used by singers for accompaniment.

Bonnie Sims has made a set of videos where she sings and accompanies herself with the mandolin.

You can also find a set of videos of Bonnie’s band  Bonnie & the Clydes where she plays the guitar and also the mandolin.

Have fun with  Bonnie Sims!

“Pumped Up Kicks” Acoustic Mandolin Cover

For my bestbestie in the whole world, Jamie. Learned it because I heard it in her car and this song is awesome and so catchy.

Pretty Fair Maid

A song I love to play on the mandolin, that my good friend and fellow Bonnie, Bonnie Hancock, asked me to make a video of like 100 years ago. So I finally did! Thanks for watching 🙂 T-shirt is compliments of Idlewhile, another local Longmont band you should totally google and check out!!

Bonnie & The Clydes • Bohemian Nights • Fort Collins, CO • August 13, 2011 • NewW

Bonnie & The Clydes perform at Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest on Saturday, August 13, 2011 on the Mountain Avenue Stage.

Bonnie & Taylor Sims, “Take Me Home”

Bonnie and Taylor Sims play “Take Me Home” at the Second Story Garage in Boulder, Colorado.

Additional information

youtube channel Bonnie Sims:

Bonnie & The Clydes

Bonnie & the Clydes is a brand new six piece country band exploding on to the Colorado Front Range scene. Fronted by Bonnie Sims, one of Colorado’s best up and coming singer/songwriters, and backed by a unit of musicians with more than 80 years of combined musical experience, this band is shaping a new sound of Colorado country.

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Sarah Jarosz – New EP – LIVE AT THE…

Sarah Jarosz has just released her new EP LIVE AT THE TROUBADOUR – this is the information that I have got in the latest newsletter from sugarhill records:
Nashville, Tenn. (April 19, 2013) – Austin native and folk songstress Sarah Jarosz celebrates Record Store Day with a new live release, LIVE AT THE TROUBADOUR. The five song EP was recorded the famed Los Angeles venue and features longtime collaborators Nathanial Smith (cello) and Alex Hargreaves (violin.)
1. Tell Me True
2. Kathy’s Song
3. Mansinneedof
4. Shankill Butchers
5. Broussard’s Lament
In anticipation of the release, four live performance videos were shared exclusively with outlets The Bluegrass SituationCMT Edge, Bluegrass Nation and Shot by videographer Alex Chaloff, the four videos beautifully capture the magic of her live shows.
Here are all the videos with Sarah Jaros at Troubadour mentioned in that newsletter – some great performances of Sarah Jarosz together with Alex Hargreaves (cello) and Nathaniel Smith (violin).

Sarah Jarosz – Shankill Butchers – Broussard s Lament

Sarah Jarosz’ career has skyrocketed since she was a teenager with a guitar, incredible songs and a habit of hanging out at her local Austin Texas record stores. And that was all only a few years ago. She’s been Grammy-nominated, had two critically adored releases and worked with legends in the bluegrass/folk world. But she’s never had a live record. Until now. And we’re pretty psyched that her live debut LIVE AT THE TROUBADOUR, recorded in August of last year, is itself debuting on Record Store Day. Have a little look at the loveliness in store.

Sarah Jarosz – “Tell Me True”

Sarah Jarosz performs “Tell Me True” from the forthcoming EP – LIVE AT THE TROUBADOUR (available April 20, 2013.) The 5-song EP was recorded during her performance at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, California on August 9, 2012. She is accompanied by Alex Hargreaves and Nathaniel Smith.

Sarah Jarosz – “Mansinneedof”

Sarah Jarosz performs “Mansinneedof” from the forthcoming EP – LIVE AT THE TROUBADOUR (available April 20, 2013.) The 5-song EP was recorded during her performance at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, California on August 9, 2012. She is accompanied by Alex Hargreaves and Nathaniel Smith.

The last video has been featured on the CMT website, Sarah performs a beautiful version of the  Simon & Garfunkel song “Kathy’s Song”. The video is now also available at youtube:

Sarah Jarosz Makes “Kathy’s Song” Her Own

During her show at the famed L.A. club, Jarosz accompanied herself on acoustic guitar for a lovely rendition of “Kathy’s Song,” written by Paul Simon and originally recorded on Simon & Garfunkel’s 1966 Sounds of Silence album.

Sarah Jarosz on the CMT site:

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The Canadian Duo “Fire & Smoke” – A Great…

A great concert by the Canadian duo Fire & Smoke is available on the CBC concerts on demand site.

The duo is composed of  Claire Morrison and Daniel Péloquin-Hopfner. The speciality of this duo are the songs in two languages, English and French.

Daniel accompanies the songs with the guitar, but he uses the banjo or the mandolin too for some songs. Claire plays some great flute solos.

This is the official video of teh song “If Only” at vimeo:

“If Only” by FIRE & SMOKE


Concert Fire & Smoke at the CBC:

Claire Morrison and Daniel Peloquin-Hopfner met in 2010, around a campfire at the infamous campground of the Winnipeg Folk Festival. They quickly realized there was musical chemistry between the two of them. After that first meeting, Daniel tried to track down Claire to find out if she would be interested in working with him. Once he found her, he was relieved to hear the answer was yes, since he’d already booked their first show at a music festival!

Since then, their bilingual performances have created a buzz in both the French and English communities. Just last year, Fire & Smoke won the People’s Choice Award at Chant’Ouest, Western Canada’s well known music competition featuring Francophone artists. Not bad, for a chance campfire singalong.

This concert at the very small and intimate venue known as the Folk Exchange was full of friends and family.

Songs by Fire & Smoke at the CBC:

Fire & Smoke at myspace:

Fire & Smoke at bandcamp:

Fire and Smoke en exclusivité pour RELIEF – “Prends la maison”

Fire and Smoke, un duo franco-manitobain au style folk et romantique. En exclusivité pour Relief, ils interprètent “Prends la maison” en version acoustique.

Fire and Smoke – Interview

Interview with the two singers  (French)