Glenn Jones – Of Its Own Kind – A Great Fingerpicking Guitar Solo – New CD “The Wanting”

I have recently discovered  the Tiny Desk Concert video with guitarist and banjo player Glenn Jones.

You can watch this video at NPR and download the audio version.

It is also available as youtube video:

Glenn Jones: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts

The following text can be found on the NPR site:

Glenn Jones has only taken up the banjo recently, but it’s as if he’s been inside the instrument for a lifetime. At least that’s how it felt when he opened his set with a modal piece that might have felt more appropriate played next to a quiet creek than behind our desks at the NPR Music offices.

Jones’ most recent album, The Wanting, is a compelling work of American folk music that tells stories without a single word. When he introduced “The Great Pacific Northwest,” he said that if he played it right, “Mt. Rainier should burst right through the floor of this room.” Heaven help us if it didn’t seem like it might.

Glenn Jones gave a great performance, very relaxed and soft, and I did especially like the third tune of this concert – Of Its Own Kind – very much.

There is a special video of this tune which is part of the new CD The Wanting by Glenn Jones:

Glenn Jones – Of Its Own Kind

Playlist with more youtube videos with Glenn Jones

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